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Pop’s Picks Week 7: Thursday night stunner, Packers keep rolling & Lions continue to slide

Week 6  Notes: I guess Bruce Allen spent all his time sending meathead emails (wow, 650,000 emails) instead of doing his job. Jaguars finally win a home game in London, and Urban Myer wins, comes back with the team, and survives another week. Incredibly the Bills, who looked unbeatable, lost to the Titans. The Giants franchise is in disaster mode. It Looks like this is the year of Dak and the Cowboys. Is Deshaun Watson coming to rescue the drowning Dolphins? Ravens send the Chargers reeling back to the drawing board. Aaron Rodgers risks getting punched in the face by former Bears player Olin Kreutz, who is a serial face puncher. I can’t wait for week seven. Have a great football week starting tonight.
Pop’s Record  Pop’s record last week: 
8–6 Season 55-39.
Against the spread last week is 8-6 season 50-44. Upset of the week 2-4.
Broncos (3-3) at Browns (3-3) 
Line: Browns favoured by 2
This week there are many injured Browns, including Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt, and critical offensive line members. Case Keenum is a pretty good backup. Von Miller wants to kill offensive tackles. This game is going to be very close, but the Broncos will win.
Broncos win.
Broncos lead series 24-6-0.
Chiefs (3-3) at Titans (4-2)
 Line: Chiefs are favoured by 5.5.
Chiefs got back to winning, defeating the WFT. Titans grind out a confidence-building win against the Bills. The Titans win when expected to lose and lose when expected to win. I don’t trust them to beat the Chiefs.
Chiefs win but don’t cover.
 Chiefs series tied 30-24-0.
WFT (2-4) at Packers (5-1)
Line: Packers favoured by 9.5.
Packers are looking better each week; WFT is not. These teams are going in the opposite direction. This game won’t be close; look for the Packers to get an early lead and never look back. 
Packers win and cover.
Packers lead series 21-16-1.
Bengals (4–2) at Ravens ( 5-1) 
Line: Ravens favoured by 6.5
Tempted to make this my upset special of the week. Ravens are just too strong, and they’re at home. The Bengals will keep this game close. Bengals won’t win.
Ravens win but don’t cover.
Ravens lead series 27-23-0. 
Panthers(3-3) at Giants (1-5)
Line: Panthers favoured by 3.
The hobbled and injured Giants looked horrible against the Rams and are more hobbled going into Sunday’s game. Panthers lost in overtime to the Vikings, making it three losses in a row. This is a get-right game, but for who? I have to go for the team that is less hobbled, and that is the Panthers.
Panthers win but don’t cover.
Panthers lead series  7-4-0.
Falcons (2-3) at Dolphins (1-5)
Line: Falcons favoured by 2.5.
The Falcons are well rested after winning their London game against the Jets. The Dolphins have been going downhill. The Falcons have been competitive but have to stop beating themselves. The favoured Falcons are winning this game.
Falcons win and cover.
Dolphins 9-4 lead series.
Jets (1-4) at Patriots (2-4)
Line: Patriots favoured by 7.
Patriots lost to a talented Cowboys team but played hard and almost pulled it off. The Jets have taken the bye as a time to re-group. It will be a game featuring two rookie Quarterbacks. Zach Wilson will have a good game, but Mac Jones will be better.
Patriots wins but don’t cover.
Patriots lead series 70-54-1.
Eagles (2-4) at Raiders (4-2)
Line: Raiders favoured by 3.
The Eagles played the Bucs tough and made it close. Raiders are not Bucs but have enough to win a home game from the Eagles and will.
Raiders win and cover.
Eagles lead series 7-6-0.
Lions (0-6) at Rams (5-1)
Line: Rams favoured by 15.5.  
Are the Lions going to win a game finally? This will be a game that will feature two quarterbacks facing their former team. The first Lion victory is postponed yet again to another week. Interesting to see how Stafford  and Goff a will do against each other. Lions could keep this close. Hard to give up 15 and a half points.
Rams win and don’t cover.
Rams lead series 44-41-1.
Bears (3-3) at Bucs (5-1)
Line: Bucs favoured by 12.5.
Last year the Bears were able to beat the Bucs unexpectedly. This year, it will be a different story, as the Bucs will easily beat the Bears. It isn’t easy to give 13.5 points.
Bucs win and cover.
Bucs lead Series 40-20-0.
Texans (1-5) at Cardinals (6-0)
Line: Cardinals favoured by 14.5.
This game is a mismatch. Cardinals seem to be getting better at every facet of the game. The Texans continue to struggle and do not have a roster to compete against the Cardinals. It’s a big spread, but Cards will cover it.
Cardinals win and cover. 
Series tied 2-2-0.
Colts (2-4) at 49ers (2-3)
Line: 49ers favoured by 4.5.
It looks like Jimmy Garoppolo will be starting at quarterback for the Niners. It sounds like Deforest Buckner is bitter at the way the 49ers treated him. Niners usually win when Garoppolo is healthy and playing.
49ers win and cover.
Colts lead series 26-19-0.
Saints(3-2) at Seahawks(2-4)
Line: Saints favoured by 5.5.
As long as Russell Wilson cannot play, it will be pretty hard to come by a win. Saints are a different team without Drew Brees but  are quickly adapting their offence around Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill. It will be a close game that the Saints will win.
Saints win and don’t cover.
Series tied  8-8-0.

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