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AEW Dynamite Preview: Saturday Night Dynamite!

For the first time in while, AEW Dynamite will be taking place on a Saturday night. In the past, this was tough for AEW because the ratings tend to dip a bit, because obviously there’s more that goes on Saturdays. It’ll be up to them to put on a good show, and what’s been announced so far looks very entertaining. Bryan Danielson will be in action against an AEW newcomer, Dante Martin had his open challenge answered, we’ll have an announcement about the AEW world title eliminator tournament, and Andrade El Idolo has a surprise tag team to challenge for the AAA tag team titles.

All that and more, and here is where we’ll break it all down.

Rey Fenix and Penta (C) vs Andrade’s mystery team – AAA Tag Team Titles

Ever since his arrival, Andrade has been in the business of Death Triangle. He’s been to battle with PAC, but he’s been trying to recruit both Penta and Fenix. However, the tag team champs have turned down Andrade at every chance. Obviously, this hasn’t gone down too well with Andrade, and it looks like he’s finally going to test the champs. Andrade claims that Penta and Fenix have been holding the AAA tag team titles hostage, and tonight he’s going to bring a team who will take those titles from them.

Rey Fenix and Penta have been on fire since winning the AEW tag team titles from the Young Bucks at All Out in one of the greatest steel cage matches of all time. Since then, they have defended the AEW tag titles successfully on two different occasion. But tonight it’s about the AAA tag team titles. Titles that the Lucha Bros have held for over 850 days! It has been over 2 years since the AAA titles have been defended on AEW, and we’re in for something special Saturday night.

The intriguing part of this is fact that the challengers are a mystery, and with the way that AEW open the forbidden door, it could literally be anyone. It does say a “masked tag team” so that potentially rules out my guess of Rush and Dragon Lee. In any case, this should be a very fast paced match, that will be enjoyable for all.

Bryan Danielson vs Bobby Fish

If you want to talk about a match that technical wrestling fans around the world will enjoy, go no further than this one. In this match, you have two of the most technically sound wrestlers today, and AEW are wasting no time putting in the ring together. It also makes sense kayfabe wise to do this as well. Bryan Danielson needs to start racking up some wins, since he’s only won 1 match out of the 3 he’s had so far. And on the other hand, Bobby Fish will likely lose this match, but when his opponent is a quality wrestler like Danielson, he’s bound to look strong even in defeat.

I think calling this match a “dream match” might be pushing it a bit, but I’m sure that the fans of pure technical wrestling, would debate that it is. This is another one of those AEW matches that seem to come out of nowhere, but again, I don’t think that you’ll see anyone complaining about it.

Malakai Black vs Dante Martin

On last week’s episode of Dynamite, Dante Martin asked for some ring time with Tony Schiavone, and proceed to call out anybody from the back for an open challenge. In a matter of seconds, the lights went out, and when they came back on, Malakai Black was standing in the ring. Black then spit the mist in Martin’s face, before delivering the Black Mass (not sure if he’s still calling it that) and accepted the challenge.

So here we are, Malakai Black will be taking on Dante Martin in what is sure to be a good match. It’ll be interesting to see how the kickboxing style of Black will mesh with the highflying style of Martin, but I’m sure they’ll make it work. I’m expecting another Malakai Black victory here, but like he’s done all year, I’m expecting that Dante Martin will get over even in defeat.

There is also some other big news announced for the special Saturday night edition of Dynamite, and that is the bracket for the AEW tag team eliminator tournament will be announced. Hangman Page only became #1 contender last week, but AEW moves fast. It also looks like this might be a recurring thing to have the finals of the tournament end at the next PPV Full Gear.

All this and so much more can be seen on TNT (TSN in Canada) on SATURDAY this week.

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