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Pop’s Picks Week 5: Burrows continues his legacy, Brady dominates, Falcons win the garbage bowl

Last week I thought the Lions would pull an upset against the Bears, and they fell flat. Giants surprised me with an upset at New Orleans; just when it looked like they had painted themselves in the corner by losing games they could have won, they beat the favoured Saints at home. The Falcons discovered more ways to lose. The Bengals have been quietly winning games and playing solid defence. I pick the Bengals as my upset of the week.
Pop’s Record  Pop’s record last week: 8–8 Season 36-28.
The record against the spread last week is 8-8 season 34-30. Upset of the week 2-2.
Rams (3-1) at Seahawks (2-2)
Line: Rams favoured by 1.5
Just when I thought the Rams were in a class by themselves, they are exposed by the Cardinals. The Seahawks visited the 49ers and as underdogs, facing a team relying on their young backup Quarterback. Seahawks got the upset win. The Rams are too talented not to be able to rebound.

Rams win and cover.
Seahawks lead series 25-22-0.
Jets(1-3) at Falcons (1-3) in London
Line: Falcons favoured by 3.5
Early morning game on the east coast. The Jets finally beat a stronger opponent in the Titans. The Falcons are not a strong team as they are still losing, wondering how they lost to the Redskins. The Falcon’s luck will change, and they will beat the Jets.

Falcons win and cover.
Falcons lead series 7-5-0.
Packers (3-1) at Bengals (3-1)
Line: Packers are favoured by 3.5.
This game will be close. Bengals are a surprising 3-1. Packers are always ready to beat the opponent. Aaron Rodgers usually makes the difference but won’t today. I think the Bengals are a little better at defence and will win this close game at home.

Bengals win and cover.
Bengals lead series 7-6
Lions (0–4) at Vikings ( 1-3) 
Line: Vikings favoured by 7.5
The Lions are still looking for their first victory after playing well and losing. The Lions will still be looking to win the first game for Coach Campbell. The Vikings and Cousins will feast on this low-lying fruit called the Lions.

Vikings win and cover.
Vikings lead series 78-39-2  
Broncos (3-1) at Steelers (1-3)
Line: Steelers favoured by 1.5.
The Steelers are not going to have enough against the Bronco’s defence to get a win. Regardless who starts at quarterback for the Broncos, Steelers will lose a close one.

Broncos win and cover.
Broncos lead series 20-12-1
Dolphins (1-3) at Bucs ( 3-1)
Line: Bucs favoured by 10.5
While this would be an excellent time to beat with Bucs since most of their defensive backfield is injured, it won’t happen as the Dolphins offence isn’t productive enough. The Bucs are going to have to overcompensate for many injuries on the defence. It won’t matter as Bucs will win and cover.

Bucs wins and cover.
Bucs lead series 6-5-0.
Saints (2-2) at WFT(2-2)
Line: Saints favoured by 1.5
The Saints are going to rebound from losing a home game to the Giants. The WFT were able to come out of Atlanta with a last-minute win. The Saints are going to do a better job against Tyler Heinicke.

Saints win and cover.
WFT led the series 17-10-0
Eagles (1-3) at Panthers (3-1)
Line: Panthers favoured by 3.5.
The Eagles are playing hard and not winning. The Panthers played an excellent first half against the Cowboys, then got trounced in the third quarter. I don’t think the Eagles can muster the same kind of firepower to keep it close. The Panthers will get back to winning and beat the Eagles by a few scores.

Panthers win and cover.
Eagles lead series 7-5-0.
Titans (2-2) at Jaguars (0-4)
Line: Titans favoured by 4.5.
A young team like the Jaguars will have their hands full with Titans didn’t need their coach to create a week-long distraction. The Titans earned their loss against the Jets and will make sure they are going to be ready to beat this distracted Jaguars team.

Titans win and cover.
Titans Series 32-21-0
Bears (2-2) at Raiders (3-1)
Line: Raiders favoured by 5.5.
Raiders will bounce back at home after not winning in the lightning-delayed game in a covered stadium. Justin Fields got a win under his belt. I’m not ready for the Bears bandwagon yet. Raiders will come up with a gritty performance and win.

Raiders win and cover.
Raiders lead series 8-7-0.
Patriots(1-3) at Texans (1-3)
Line: Patriots favoured by 9.5.
The first game after the Patriots loses a close one to the Brady Bucs. Coach Belichick will demand a fresh victory to soothe his wounds. Patriots will must and will deliver. Texans don’t have any tools to win with right now and will lose.

Patriots win and cover.
Patriots lead series 10-3–0
Browns (3-1) at Chargers (3-1)
Line: Chargers favoured by 3.
Browns won, but the Vikings were knocking on the door until the end; only a lousy non-interference call at the end of the game allowed the Browns to keep their victory. Chargers are looking mighty impressive in quickly disposing of the undefeated Raiders. Chargers will win.

Chargers win and cover.
Chargers lead series 17-9-1.
Giants (1-3) at Cowboys (3-1)
Line: Cowboys favoured by 7.5
The Cowboys are rolling on all cylinders; Zeke is playing at an all-pro level and just put over 140 yards on the ground. Dak is playing the best football in his career. Parsons and Diggs and are proving to be difference makers on defence. Daniel Jones seems to be thriving with some new and old offensive weapons. The patched-up offensive line is protecting Jones. It’s going to be a close game, but the Cowboys will win.

Cowboys win and don’t cover.
Cowboys lead series 69-47-2.
49ers(2-2) at Cards (4-0)
Line: Cardinals favoured by 4.5.
Carefully I am taking the Cards to win this game. The Niners have been underwhelming so far this year. Something needs to give. Niners have had a lot of injuries, but they need to win some games. Kyler makes the Cards very special and will lead them to a win.

Cards win but don’t cover.
49ers lead series 32-27-0.
Bills (3-1) at Chiefs (2-2)
Line: Chiefs favoured by 3.  
The Bills took the Texans to school last week and taught them a harsh lesson. Chiefs have been somewhat inconsistent. It will be a close game that the Chiefs will win. 

Chiefs win but don’t cover.
Bills lead series 26-23-1.
Colts (1-3) at Ravens (3-1)
Line: Ravens favoured by 7.
The Colts finally got their first victory. The Ravens easily beat the Broncos and ran a controversial play at the end of the game to pursue a rushing record. I can’t see the Colts being able to keep up with the Ravens. The Ravens will win and cover.

Ravens win and cover.
Colts lead series 10-05-0.

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