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Pop’s Picks Week 4: Falcons Upset, Cowboys disappoint & Jaguars stink it up

Last week I called for the Bengals to upset the Steelers at Heinz Field, and they did. A record 66-yard field goal beat the Lion knee-cappers. The giants found another way to lose and disappointed their fans on the day of celebration for Eli Manning. The rams are looking unbeatable. Raiders clawed back to win a game and are 3-0. Chiefs lost to the Chargers, who usually play them tough. This week my upset pick is Falcons upsetting WFT.
Pop’s Record 
Pop’s record last week: 10–6 / Season 28-20.
The record against the spread last week is 8-8 / season 26-22.
Upset of the week 2-1.
Jaguars  (0-3) at Bengals (2-1) Line: Bengals favoured by 7.5 Bengals feel good with themselves for finally being able to beat the Steelers. Jaguars fanbase and Urban Myer are discouraged by the team’s performance to dat.
Bengals win and cover Jaguars lead series 13-10-0.
Titans (2-1) at Jets (0-3) Line: Titans favoured by 10. This game is a mismatch, and the Titans will win big. The Jets will try to regroup after being shot out by the Broncos. Jets have a long way to go to become competitive. The Titans romp to a victory.
Titans win and cover. Titans lead series 25-19-1.
Lions (0-3) at Bears (1-2) Line: Bears favoured by 1. The Bears had 47 yards of offence against the Browns. The Lions have three losses but are playing hard. This week the Lions get rewarded and beat the bumbling Bears. Lions win and cover. Bears lead series 102-75-5
Colts ( 0-3) at Dolphins (1-2)  Line: Dolphins favoured by 1.5 Dolphins rebounded from a 35-0 loss against the Bills and took the Raiders into overtime. It will be interesting to see Jacoby Brissett getting the call to defeat his ex-team.
Colts win and cover. Dolphins lead series 48-27-0.
Browns (2-1) at Vikings (1-2) Line: Browns favoured by 1.5. Browns are coming off a solid win against the Bears. The Vikings laid a pretty good beating on the Seahawks in the second half. The Vikings will discover that Brown’s defence is exceptional. Browns win and cover. Vikings lead series 12-4-0
WFT (1-2) at Falcons ( 1-2) Line: WFT favoured by1.5 The Redskins front seven will try to stifle and confuse the Falcons offence, but the Falcons are confident against the NFC East opponents. Redskins are puzzled about the lack of productivity of their front seven. The Falcons make it two wins in a row..
Falcons wins and cover. WFT lead series 15-10-1
Texans (1-1) at Bills (2-1) Line: Bills favoured by 17. Texans are going to challenge the Bills, and their young QB has gained some experience. Texans would like to get their first win. It won’t happen here, as the Bills end up winning by a wide margin.
Bills win and cover. Texans led series 6-4-0
Giants (0-3) at Saints (2-1) Line: Saints favoured by 8. The Giants are still wondering how they lost the game against WFT and to the Falcons. They lost both games that a many times they seemed to be in control. Their offence is very predictable and blah. The Saints are a lot stronger. The Giants will play hard but won’t get a win and be disappointing again.
Saints win but don’t cover. Giants lead series 16-14-0
Chiefs (1-2) at Eagles (1-1) Line: Chiefs favoured by 5.5. The chiefs are struggling, and the Eagles were beaten pretty soundly by the Cowboys. Coach Andy Reid will be rejoining the team soon. The Chiefs won’t disappoint.
Chiefs win and cover. Series 4-4-0
Panthers (2-0)  at Cowboys (1-1) Line: Cowboys favoured by 4. TTexans gave the Panthers a challenging game, although the final score does show that. The ball has been bouncing the Cowboys way, but they are significantly improved on defence. Micah Parsons is making a difference. Dak has a lot of weapons on offence. Panthers continue their streak and win.
Panthers win and cover. Cowboys lead series 9-5–0
Seahawks (1-2) at 49ers (2-1) Line: 49ers  favoured by 8. The Seahawks are coming off a disappointing loss and now must face the 49ers at home. The 49ers foolishly gave Aaron Rodgers 37 seconds to get into field goal range. Niners will win
Niners win and cover. Seahawks lead series 28-17-0
Cardinals (3-0 at Rams (3-0) Line: Rams favoured by 6. Battle of two 3-0 teams. The rams are pretty impressive with a seemingly unstoppable offence. Mathew Stafford is making a huge difference. Kyler Murray is playing great but won’t be able to lead the Cards to victory.
Rams will win and cover. Rams lead series 45-38-2
Steelers(1-2) at Packers (1-1) Line: Packers favoured by 7. Steelers were stung by an upset loss against the Bengals. The losing will continue for the Steelers as Aaron Rodgers entertains the faithful fans at Lambeau.
Packers win and cover. Packers lead series 19-16-0.
Bucs (3-0) at Patriots(1-2) Line: Bucs favoured by 5.5.    Patriots are off to a bad start; the Bucs aren’t. Patriots don’t have anyone who will match Tom Brady. This game will be a loss for the Patriots.     
Packers win and cover.
Ravens (2-1) at Broncos (3-0) Line Broncos favoured by 1.5 Interesting game Broncos haven’t been tested. Ravens have been far from perfect but made plays when they had to like a sixty-six-yard field goal to win the game. Ravens dish out first loss to the Broncos
Ravens win and cover.
Raiders (3-0) at Chargers (2-1) Line: Chargers favoured by 3.5    This is a classic match-up with the rogue Raiders going against the wholesome Chargers. Hebert has been pretty impressive in leading the Chargers, but not this time, as the Raiders will win. 
Raiders win and cover.

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