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Pop’s Picks Week 3: Bengals Claw the Steelers

Last week I called for the Lions to upset the Packers at Lambeau Field. It looked good at halftime. The Packers ran away with it in the second half. The Giants fought off the victory and finally achieved a loss! The Cowboys had better luck against the Chargers. The Eagles played the Niners very tough but lost. Raiders win another one, and Derek Carr is looking terrific. Texans were competitive but lost. I selected the Bengals to upset the Rams as my upset of the week. 
Pop’s Record 
Pop’s record last week: 7–9
Season total: 18-14 / Record against the spread last week is 7-9 / Upset of the week 1-1.
Panthers  (2-0) at Texans (1-1) Line: Panthers favoured by 8.
Panthers are off to an impressive start, with Sam Darnold leading them. Texans are also playing well. Back quarterback Davis Mills gets his first start. The Panther’s defence is too strong. I can’t see the Texans pulling an upset. The Panthers will continue their winning streak.
Panthers win and cover Panthers lead series 3-2.
WFT (1-1) at Bills (1-1) Line: Bills favoured by 8.

The Bills are much improved as they hammered the Dolphins 35-0 last week; this was a dramatic improvement over their lacklustre loss to the Steelers in week one. I think the WFT will come to this game better prepared. The Bills offence will handle WFT front seven, who played well but not at the level of their expectations. The Bills will win but not cover.
Bills win but don’t cover. Bills lead series 9-6-0
Bears(1-1) at Browns (1-1) Line: Browns favoured by 7.
Justin Fields gets his first start of the season against a pretty good Browns defence. Mayfield scared everyone trying to tackle a safety after an interception. The Browns represent a tough match for the Bears.
Browns win and cover. Browns lead series 9-7-0
Ravens ( 1-1) at Lions (-0-2)  Line: Ravens favoured by 8.
The Lions played the Packers tough for a while. Ravens seemed to have recovered from their week one loss to the Raiders with a narrow win against the Chiefs. The kneecapping Lions are hungry for a first victory. It will not be against the Ravens. Ravens win and cover. Ravens lead series 4-1-0.
Colts (0-2) at Titans (1-1) Line: Titans favoured by 5.
Carson Wentz is hobbling around on both ankles. We don’t know what his status will be on Sunday. The Colts don’t want to be 0-3. It won’t matter as they will have no answer for Derrick Henry.
Titans win and cover. Colts lead series 35-18–0.
Chargers (1-1) at Chiefs ( 1-1) Line: Chiefs favoured by 7.
The Chargers were sloppy against the Cowboys, taking penalties and turning over the ball at worse possible times. Last year the Chargers gave the Chiefs all they could handle, beating them once and losing in overtime. It will be a close game at Arrowhead. Chiefs win but don’t cover. Chiefs lead series 64-57-1
Saints (1-1) at Patriots (1-1) Line: Patriots favoured by 3.
Patriots will do enough to win this game. Patriots will try to take away the Saint’s most dangerous player in Kamara. We saw two Jameis Winston in two games, one that looked great and one that didn’t. The Patriots usually come on top when they are facing an inconsistent quarterback
Patriots win and cover. Patriots led series 10-4-0
Falcons (0-2) at Giants (0-2) Line: Giants favoured by 3.
The Giants are still wondering how they lost the game against WFT. The truth is they lost the game many times. Hopeful, this loss will show them that they have to be more focused and disciplined and never take anything for granted. For a while, it looked like the Falcons were going to give the Bucs are closer game, and then they didn’t. The Falcons are a team not to be taken for granted as they have many good offensive weapons. The Giants will play hard and win.
Giants win and cover. Falcons lead series 13-12-0
Bengals (1-1) at Steelers (1-1) Line: Steelers favoured by 3.
Last year the Bengals upset the Steelers. The Steelers beat Bills in the first week and came back to reality against the Raiders. Big Ben may play this week. Bengals will not repeat the mistakes of last week. Although kicking at Heinz Field is particularly challenging to the visiting team Bengals will win a close one. 
Bengals win. Steelers lead series 67-36-0
Cardinals (2-0)  at Jaguars (0-2) Line: Cards favoured by 8.
Cards have too many talented playmakers on both sides of the ball. Jaguars are in a slow process of building a team around Trevor Lawrence. It’s going to be a long year for the Jaguars and Urban Meyer. Cards should have no problem in getting a double-digit win.
Cards win and cover. Cardinals lead series 3-2–0
Jets(0-2) at Broncos (-2-0) Line: Broncos favoured by 8.
The Broncos come back to Denver with a 2-0 record. The Bronco’s defence is playing well. Bridgewater is managing not only the game but the victory also. Jets Zach Wilson is impressive, but they will have to win some games to be taken seriously.
The Broncos win and cover. Broncos lead series 21-16–1.
Dolphins (1-1) at Raiders (2-0) Line: Raiders favoured by 4.
Tua Tagovailoa is out. Jacoby Brissett is in. Derek Carr is a very hot quarterback with some interesting weapons in Waller and a speedy Ruggs. This game should be of particular interest to Kenyan Drake. Raiders will not lose this game.
Raiders will win and cover. Raiders lead series 20-19-1.
Bucs(2-0) at Rams (2-0) Line: Bucs favoured by 2.
Mathew Stafford seems to be the right fit for the Rams. The Bucs are the reigning super-bowl champs, and every team they play gives them their best shot. The Rams will do that, but it won’t be enough as the Bucs will do enough to beat them.
Bucs win and cover. Rams lead series 17-9-0.
Seahawks (1-1) at Vikings (0-2) Line: Seahawks favoured by 2.
Both teams are coming off very close losses.  The Vikings will have a difficult time with Russell Wilson. Vikings will compete with Cousins and hopefully Dalvin Cook. It’s going to come down to the best quarterback, and the Seahawks come out on top in that category.
Seahawks win and cover Seahawks lead series 13-5-0.
Packers (1-1) at 49ers (2-0) Line: 49ers favoured by 4.
Rodgers and the Packers became energized in the second half and beat the Lions last week. The 49ers won a hard-fought game against the Eagles. The 49er’s defence will be the difference in this game, and their offence will put enough points on the board to win.
The 49ers win but don’t cover. Packers lead series 37-22-1
Eagles (1-1) at Cowboys (1-1) Line: Cowboys favoured by 4.
This game will be the second NFC East match-up. The Eagles are playing better than anyone expected. The Cowboys are showing a lot of improvement on their defence. The Eagle’s defensive line is going to be a challenge for the Cowboys.
Cowboys win but don’t cover. Cowboys lead series 70-54-0

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