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Pop’s Picks Week 2: Lions Bite Some Knee Caps

Last week I called for the Raiders to upset the Ravens. Coach Gruden used some of his nine lives to get out of this game with a win. They thought they won this game and then almost didn’t and finally won it without looking for their field goal kicker. I wasn’t surprised by the Eagles, but I will have to see what they can do against stronger competition. I was disappointed by the Giant’s very predictable and ultra-conservative play calling. Jones continuing to fumble the ball in the worse possible situation is becoming a massive headache and concern. The Steelers surprised me with a solid win against the Bills. I guess Big Ben still has enough in the tank to keep winning. The Packers’ loss to the Saints is maybe the tip of the iceberg regarding the Packer’s dysfunctionality as an organization. The Lions will play them very tough and come out of Lambeau Field with an upset win.

Giants at WFT (-3.5)
It’s a short week for both teams, and both of them lost their opening game. WFT starting back quarterback is back up Taylor Heinicke. Giants have had their number in the past couple of years. The fact that WFT is favoured is a testament to how badly the Giants played in their home opener against the Broncos. Although no shortage of players that can be blamed for this debacle, the problem of committing unforced turnovers at the worse possible time falls on Daniel Jones. He may be well on his way to fumbling his way out of the NFL. The play-calling was terrible and needs an improvement as of Thursday; otherwise, Jason Garrett should be replaced. Despite these issues, I am picking the Giants to win.

Giants win.
Giants lead series 105-69-4
 Raiders at Steelers (-5.5)
The Raiders upset the Ravens. Steelers surprisingly handle the Bills. One of these teams is going to come back to earth with a loss. Big Ben is back and looks as good as ever. JJ Watt was dominant and worthy of his new contract. The Raiders came out of their Monday night opener pretty banged up, losing some key players to season-ending injuries. 

Steelers win but don’t cover.
Raiders lead series 16-13-0
49ers at Eagles (+3)
The Eagles, as I thought, have been underestimated. Jalen Hurts can lead that offence. Niners allowed the Lions to score 33 points on them. The Eagles are usually pretty tough at home, and the Niners are coming east to play an early game. Niners will outscore the Eagles and win a high-scoring game.

Niners win and cover.
49ers lead series  19-14-1
Texans at Browns (-12.5)
Tyrod Taylor made the most of his opportunity and led the Texans to a solid victory against the Jaguars. The Browns are no Jaguars. After losing to the Chiefs, the Browns will come about out angry and beat the Texans soundly.

Browns win but don’t cover.
Texans lead series 7-4-0
Broncos at Jaguars (+6)
Jaguars didn’t show much against the Texans. Broncos seem to have chosen the right quarterback in Bridgewater. Playing the Broncos defence is always challenging. The Broncos are playing their second consecutive game on the road. The Broncos have gained confidence in the way they handled the Giants last week. The Jaguars are not ready to beat anyone as the long losing streak is now at 16 games.

Broncos win and cover.
Jaguars lead series 7-6-0.
Saints at Panthers (+3.5)
Jameis Winston is an excellent QB when he can see and has a coach that knows how to use him. The Saints are dealing with a COVID situation that is affecting their roster for Sunday’s game. I am cautiously picking the Saints to win a close one.

Saints  win and cover.
Saints lead series 28-25-0.
Rams at Colts (+3.5)
The Colts don’t seem right. Maybe it will take a bit of time for Carson Wentz and the offence to jell. The Rams were pretty impressive with a win against the Bears. Perhaps Mathew Stafford is the missing piece that will bring the Rams back to deep playoff contention.

Rams win and cover.
Colts lead series 23-20-2
Bills at Dolphins (+3.5)
Dolphins will extend their win streak to two, and the Bills will be 0-2 after the game. The Bills can’t be more disappointed in the way the season has begun for them. The Bills will need to regroup; otherwise, their season will pass them by them very quickly.

Dolphins win.
Dolphins  lead series 61-52-1
Patriots at Jets (+6)
The Jets will be pesky but not ready to beat the Patriots. Mac Jones will do all the right things and win, and so will Zach Miller, but the Jets will lose.

Patriots win and cover.
Patriots lead series 69-54-1
Bengals at Bears (-2)
Andy Dalton is a good backup quarterback, but the Bears are not going to win too many games using him as a starter. The Bears are not good enough to keep Justin Fields on the bench. Bengals will not need overtime to win this game. The Bengals are coming off a well-deserved overtime win against the Vikings.

Bengals win.
Bengals lead series 6-5-0.
Falcons at Buccaneers (-12)
The Falcons weren’t very good against the Eagles. I don’t think the Falcons will win too many games. I hope the Bucs aren’t looking past them because that could be dangerous. The Falcons have no chance to win this game.
Bucs win and cover.
Falcons lead series 28-27-1
Vikings at Cardinals (-3.5)
Kirk Cousins and Coach Zimmer aren’t on the same page. Vikings had offensive line did a lousy job protecting Cousins. Cardinals are hot as the desert sun.  The desert heat will scorch the nordic Vikings.
Cards win and cover.
Vikings  lead series 17-11–0.
Titans at Seahawks (-5.5)
Titans are off to a disappointing start. Trying to win your first game in Seattle is going to be a difficult task. Russell Wilson was cooking up touchdowns in week one and will be serving more touchdowns to come home in week two.

Seahawks will win and cover.
Seahawks lead series 10-7-0
Cowboys at Chargers (-3.5)
Dak is back for real. How many games can you win by throwing the ball 58 times? Where is the running game? Chargers have a balanced attack and will win a high-scoring game.

Chargers win and cover.
Cowboys lead series 6-5-0.
Chiefs at Ravens (3.5)
Chiefs beat the upstart Browns and are facing another formidable conference rival in the Ravens. Chiefs have a lot of weapons. Ravens had a brutal loss against the Raiders. The game had its share of bizarre situations, including an interception that didn’t become an interception.

Chiefs win and cover.
Chiefs lead series 7-4
Lions at Packers (-11.5)
I hope the Packers don’t take these knee cap bitters too lightly; they put up 33 points last week. Packers seemed to be sleepwalking against the Saints. Something is amiss with that organization. Aaron Rodgers’s new soccer superstar look isn’t helping win football games. The Packers won’t win this game as they are still in shock.

Lions  win. 
Packers lead the series  104–72-7

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