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NFL Preview 2021-2022: The Chiefs Bounce Back

I can’t believe the wait for football is finally over! The Bucs will look to repeat as champs and start off with a win tonight over the Cowboys. Every season has its own storylines. This season has plenty of them and I can’t wait to see how they all unfold. Without further ado, here are my predictions for this sesson!! 

MVP: Josh Allen QB Bills 

OROY: Ja’Marr Chase WR Bengals 

DROY: Jaelan Phillips DE Dolphins 

DPOY: T. J. Watt OLB Steelers 

OPOY: Christian McCaffrey RB Panthers  

COMEBACK PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Christian McCaffrey RB Panthers 

COACH OF THE YEAR: Brandon Staley Chargers 

Josh Allen was oh so close to being named the MVP last year. He gets it done this year. I absolutely love the pairing of Burrow and Chase and think it’ll pay off immediately. My boy Jaelan Phillips is incredibly athletic and will take the league by storm with the Dolphins pass rush. T.J. Watt is predicted to have a monster year and think he will. McCaffrey will get a ton of touches with Sam Darnold figuring out a new system in Carolina. First year coach of the Chargers, Staley, gets the Chargers back to the playoffs and wins Coach of the Year. 


AFC Standings  

1.   Kansas City Chiefs 

2.   Buffalo Bills

3.   Cleveland Browns 

4.   Tennessee Titans 

5.   Los Angeles Chargers

6.   Baltimore Ravens 

7.   Miami Dolphins 

The Chiefs and Bills should have a fairly easy time winning their respective divisions. The AFC North will be a tight race up until week 18. It’ll come down to either the Browns or Ravens. I trust the Browns more. The addition of Julio Jones for the Titans is exactly what they needed!! The Chargers finally have the team to actually make some noise in the playoffs. Herbert had an impressive rookie year. This year he will be even better. The Ravens are too good to miss the playoffs. Tua will have a better sophomore year and with their additions on offense, it will be enough to squeeze my Dolphins into the playoffs. Gimme the Chiefs to return to the Super Bowl for the third straight year. 

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Herbert will lead the Chargers to their first playoff birth since the 2017 season

NFC Standings 

1.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2.   Green Bay Packers

3.   Seattle Seahawks  

4.   Dallas Cowboys  

5.   Los Angeles Rams

6.   San Francisco 49ers

7.   Minnesota Vikings  

Just like the AFC, the top 2 NFC teams should win their divisions without too much difficulty. I like the Seahawks to have a bounce back year and beat out the Rams to win the division. Russell Wilson is too good to miss the playoffs again. The Cowboys have the best roster in the NFC Least by far. With the addition of Matthew Stafford the Rams just became that much better. No matter who QBs for the 49ers, they will find a way to make the playoffs. Last year they had to grab random people off the street just to field a team because of their injuries. With a healthy Dalvin Cook and solid defense, the Vikings have what it take to make the playoffs. I like the Seahawks to come out the NFC and surprise many. 

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Super Bowl LVI Pick: Chiefs over Seahawks 

I just can’t see a scenario where the Chiefs don’t win the Super Bowl. They have the best trio in the NFL and addressed their Oline issues. My pick for the Seahawks to win the NFC is more of a gut feeling. Their season ended terribly last year and I think that’ll be enough motivate them to kick butt this season. Unfortunately for them the Chiefs will be too much for them to handle. 

Seahawks vs. Chiefs final score, takeaways: Russell Wilson outduels Patrick  Mahomes as Seattle earns playoff spot -

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