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Pop’s Picks Week 1 + NFC East Prediction


New York Giants

Every year, I am very optimistic about the Giants, and this year is no different. Success is not that far away, as long as the offensive line protects Daniel Jones. I hope that Daniel Jones has a successful season and stops his adventures with recklessness on the field as he displayed on the one-yard line during the last pre-season game against the Patriots. I think the Giants will win the division with a 10-7 record.

Washington Football Team

The team won the division last year and played a very competitive playoff game against Tampa Bay. They drafted some talented players and should be better. Their downfall will be at the quarterback position. Fitzpatrick has looked like an all-pro at times and awful at other times. They will win their share of games and finish the season with an 8-9 record. 

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have the best team on paper as they have drafted well and as a result have some very talented players on the roster. Dak is coming back. Dan Quinn will certainly improve the defence. I am sure Jerry Jones has great expectations, Coach Mike McCarthy will not deliver on Jerry Jones’s expectations. They will finish 8-9 and again out of the playoffs

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles finished the season on a very ominous note as it seemed to many observers that the Eagles intentionally lost the last game of the season. Doug Pederson was fired, and Nick Sirianni was hired as head coach. I think that Jalen Hurts will help the Eagles win a few more games than expected. The Eagles will finish 7-10.  


Cowboys at Bucs (-7.5)
How Dak goes, go the Cowboys. They have a talented roster good enough to beat any team, but not this Opening day and not these Bucs. Cowboys will be starting the season with a loss. The Bucs start their journey of defending the Super-bowl title with a win.

Bucs win but don’t cover.
Cowboys lead series 15-4-0.
Eagles at Falcons (-3.5)
The Falcons beat themselves a lot last year; not sure they made enough changes to compete. No one is picking the Eagles to have a successful year as they are supposed to be rebuilding. The outcome of this game will be an early test of that theory. If the Eagles win, then maybe they can also be contenders in the  NFC East. I’m picking the Falcons to give their new coach Arthur Smith a win.

Falcons win and cover.
Eagles lead series 20-15-1.
Steelers at Bills (-6.5)
Big Ben  is back! I’m not sure that he will be what he was. The Bills are also back from a successful season (13-3). Bills start the season with a win

Bills win and cover.
Steelers lead series 16-11-0.
Vikings at Bengals (+3.5)
Will the Bengals offensive line be able to protect Joe Burrows. Will Coach Zimmer’s vaccine views turn off the players? Bengals will upset the Vikings.

Bengals win and cover.
Bengals lead series 7-6-0.
Niners at Lions (+7)
The Kneecap biting Lions are going to keep the tradition of losing alive. Niners are healthier than last year. The Niners win big.

Niners win and cover.
Niners lead series 38-28-1
Cardinals at Titans (-3)
The Cards have added some exciting veterans to the team, this is a bit of a gamble, but Green and Watt, with what seems to be a good draft, will help the Cards. They’ll beat the Titans.

Cards win and cover.
Cards lead series 7-6-0.
Seahawks at Colts (-2.5)
Seahawks will handle a banged-up Colts team. It may take Carson Wentz a bit of time to find what he had and lost in Philly. The Seahawks are ready to win now and will.

Seahawks win and cover.
Colts lead series 7-5-0.
Chargers at WFT (+1)
Will it be Fitzmagic or Fitztargic? A sophomore jinx for Justin Hebert?  Chargers will have better quarterback play and win.

Chargers win and cover.
WFT lead series 7-4-0
Jets at Panthers (-5.5)
Zach Wilson will give the Jets fan base some long-awaited excitement. The Jets’ front seven will be able to contain McCaffrey. Darnold will be difference maker in this game. The Jets will play hard but lose.

Panthers win and don’t cover.
Panthers lead series 4-3.
Jaguars at Texans (+3)
The Trevor Lawrence era is here and starts with a win as the  Texans deal with distraction at the QB position and many squandered draft picks, not their roster.

Jaguars win and cover.
Texans lead series 25-13-0.
Browns at Chiefs (-6)
After last year’s super-bowl fiasco, the Chiefs put a lot of resources on their offensive line. Mahomes should have time to use his powerful weapons. Chiefs win, but  the Browns will keep it close.

Chiefs win and don’t cover.
Chiefs lead series14-11-2.
Dolphins at Patriots (-2.5)
Patriots select NFL-ready rookie Mac Jones as their franchise QB and are going with him. Dolphins say that Tua is their man as Deshaun Watson rumours circulate. The dolphins’ strong defence will have some surprises for the rookie QB. Dolphins win.

Dolphins win and cover.
Dolphins lead series 57-54-0.
Packers at Saints (-4.5)
The Saints have had unsettling times with hurricane Ida; while the Jacksonville venue is good for them, it still takes away the home advantage. Aaron Rodgers (that complicated fellow) will have another revenge season against the Packers management. Packers win and cover.

Packers win and cover.
Packers lead series 17-9-0
Broncos at Giants (+3)
The Broncos have solid edge rushers in Chubb and Miller, along with some excellent corners. Daniel Jones needs to be careful with the ball. Giants’ defence improved throughout last year, and they added a few pieces this year. Close game, but Giants will find a way to win this one.

Giants win and cover.
Giants lead series 7-6-0.
Bears at Rams (-7)
Will Mathew Stafford be a difference-maker to bring the Rams back as a true top Super Bowl contender? Maybe, but they will this game and cover.

Rams win and cover.
Bears lead series 54-38-3
Ravens at Raiders (+4.5)
This game looks like a tough opening match for the Raiders. Raiders must contain Lamar Jackson and play great defence to win. I didn’t think the Raiders could have beaten the Chiefs last year, but they did. I smell an upset. Raiders win.

Raiders win and cover.
Ravens lead the series  9-3-0


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