Jake Paul Beats Tyron Woodley Via Split Decision

The charade is over, we don’t have to hear Jake Paul’s disproportionate confidence or Woodley’s cringeworthy chirps. Jake Paul does the unthinkable and beats Tyron Woodley vis split decision. Paul improves to 4-0 ad puts some more credibility on his name and newfound love for prize fighting.

The fight started with Paul winning the first two rounds. Woodley then woke up, rocking Paul in the 4th twice, including one that set the YouTuber through the ropes and nearly in the laps of the judges. Woodley then did the Woodley and slowed down with a random explosion here and there. Most of Twitter, ringside announcers and whoever was watching had Paul winning by decision 6-2 0r at worst 5-3.

Paul showed the world that he has boxing skills and that he will only get better. The 24 yr old outboxed a 40 year world champion MMA fighter. Hate the kid or not, you have to respect what he’s done.

People actually paid up to 84.99$ to watch this fight! What the hell is that ? The amount of celebrities at this event wasn’t surprising either. It’s the wor that the Paul brother created and we are living in it, almost like a simulation. Let’s not forget that Logan Paul, Jake’s older more successful brother just foght Floyd Mayweather. I mean, very few people would’ve called that an actual fight.

Back to Tyron Woodley. Woodley does very little then demands a rematch. This was a clear victory for Paul Woodley should go back to the drawing board. “You scare to fight me” – Woodley after they just fought. Paul then tells Woodley that if he gets the I Love Jake Paul tattoo that the rematch is on. Woodley accepted. It was already a dumb bet, why make it again?? It’s safe to say that Jake and Tyron will run it back, but will it be after Tommy Fury who was promised a fight with Paul if he won his fight tonight, which he did.

Now he has

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