Cat Zingano Is Suing Halle Berry For Screwing Her Over a Movie Role

Such a random connection between the Former UFC Title Contender and the Oscar winning best actress. Cat Zingano and Halle Berry are connected through a movie role that Berry offered to Zingano, saying she was perfect for the role. Zingano, excited at the opportunity took the offer. Now, Zingano is suing Berry for damages.

While waiting for the movie, “Bruised”, to start filming Zingano received a big fight offer from the UFC. Zingano, not knowing what to do, called Berry to see what she can do. Berry advised Zingano to not take the fight due to insurance policies and liability concerns. ZIngano refused the fight offer and was subsequently released from her contract with the UFC.

That’s not the worst part. Halle Berry then tells Zingano that she’s off the movie because she’s NO LONGER a UFC fighter. Berry’s team has since been unresponsive and haven’t released a statement.

Zingano has since signed with Bellator and has filed an official lawsuit against Berry.

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