Anderson Silva vs Tito Ortiz on September 11th by Triller Fight Club

Coming a dominant victory over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Anderson sets his eyes on more royalty of the fight game. This time it’s in the form of Tito Ortiz. Triller Fight Club has booked the two retired MMA fighters in a boxing match set to take place on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. You know that Tito will go full on American Bad Ass that night but not sure if it will be enough to get the victory.

Anderson Silva is one of the best strikers in the history of MMA. He’s also a very good boxer, obviously. Silva vs Ortiz is just another freakshow of an event put on by Trillers. I can’t sit here and say that it doesn’t intrigue me. Tito is the reason why I started watching the UFC and Anderson was one of the reasons why I became a die hard fan.

The odds are already set with Silva being the favourite at -500 where Ortiz is the underdog at +350. This is obviously a pay day for Tito. We saw the S*** show that was Tito vs Chael Sonnen and vs Chuck Liddell. Tito is just cashing out on all these fights while trying to stay relative. On September 11th, we’ll see Silva make Tito look very bad. There is no doubt in my mind that Anderson will KO Ortiz within five rounds.

The main issue we have and the biggest question we should ask ourselves is “why is Anderson taking this fight?”. Everyone and their sister would love to see Anderson smack around Jake Paul. Paul is set to face off vs former UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley but if both Paul and Silva come out victorious, don’t be surprised if we see them clash next.

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