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AEW Dynamite Preview: On the Road to Pittsburgh

It was another crazy Dynamite last week, that left us with more questions than answers. Cody Rhodes looked like he was going to retire before Malakai Black attacked him from behind, and could AEW have just written off Hangman Page for a while? These are just a few of the things we look forward to uncovering on tonight’s Dynamite that is taking place in Pittsburgh. So far we have six matches scheduled for tonight’s show. We have the fourth “Labour of Jericho”, the Impact tag titles will be on the line, the Elite will be in action, a women’s match that will surely effect the rankings, an interesting trios match, and Darby Allin will be taking on a promising prospect.

All this and so much more, and here is where we’ll break in all down.

Chris Jericho vs Wardlow – Fourth Labour of Jericho

It was awesome seeing Juventud Guerrera on TNT last week, and even though he lost a step, I think he and Chris Jericho still had a good match. I also have to correct myself from last week, when I said Jericho wouldn’t be winning with a Judas Effect, because Jericho did win with the Judas Effect, but from the top rope. It was a smart way of getting around the rules, and a fun ending to the match. Tonight will see a much different competitor from Juvi, and it’ll be a huge test for Chris Jericho.

The Fourth Labour of Jericho will be none other then Pinnacle member Wardlow. Wardlow has been a force ever since joining AEW, and won’t be an easy task for Chris Jericho tonight. Wardlow has been extremely protected in AEW only losing five times in two years, and his only singles losses are to Hangman Page, Cody Rhodes, and Jake Hager (MMA rules match). One of the things that’s most impressive about Wardlow, is how strong he looks even in defeat. I think we’ll be leaning towards another finish like this where Jericho wins, but Wardlow looks like a beast.

I’ve been really enjoying the Labours of Jericho. It’s giving us really unique matches every week, and it’s highlighting the right people. Jericho is having different styles of matches to show he can do it all, and MJF is highlighted on the mic, it’s a win/win. 

Wether Wardlow wins or not, I don’t think that’s the point for MJF. Wardlow’s job tonight is to just beat down Chris Jericho, and make it tough for him to even make it to the fifth labour. This has been great so far, and I’m really looking forward to the next chapter.

Good Brothers vs Dark Order’s Evil Uno & Stu Grayson – Impact Tag Team Title Match

Look what opening the forbidden door has done for AEW. Even though two weeks ago, the Dark Order lost their shot at the Young Bucks’ AEW tag titles, no one said anything about the Impact tag titles. In what was a very emotional angle, that saw the Dark Order not help Hangman during a beatdown because of his wishes, Evil Uno and Stu Grayson now shift their focus to the Good Brothers.

It looks for now that Hangman might be out for a while, so the Dark Order need to get back to winning ways on their own. A good start would be bringing the Impact tag titles to their group. Uno and Grayson are a criminally underrated tag team, and I’m really happy they are getting Dynamite time tonight. 

The Good Brothers will have something to prove tonight, as they were both eliminated by Uno and Grayson in the 5 on 5 tag match, and obviously they don’t want to be the only members in the Super Elite without titles. 

This one is interesting to me, because at first glance, it looks like the Good Brothers should keep their titles as they are Impact wrestlers after all. But Imagine that as soon as Hangman distances himself from the Dark Order, they win something? Page’s confidence would be completely gone. This is the best story in wrestling, and I can’t wait to see where it goes. 

We have a ton of other announced segments for this show. Kris Statlander will take on Nyla Rose in singles action, and off the back of the 6-man tag last week on Dynamite, Darby Allin will be taking on Daniel Garcia on-on-one. We have two separate trios matches for tonight, The Elite take on the Sydal Brothers and Dante Martin, and Best Friends take on Private Party and Matt Hardy. We’ll also be seeing Dan Lambert again in AEW, and he says he won’t be alone…

All this and so much more can be seen on TNT (TSN in Canada) every Wednesday night at 8PM EST.

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