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AEW Dynamite Preview: Daily’s Place Homecoming!

Ever since AEW have left the Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, they’ve had incredible episodes week after week. Tonight’s episode of Dynamite is called “Homecoming”, and rightly so, as AEW return to Jacksonville for the first time since hitting the road. Just like the last three weeks of television, this looks like another stacked card. So far from the five announced matchups, all of them are singles matches. Headlining these matches are the TNT champion putting his title on the line, and the highly anticipated debut of Malakai Black.

All this and so much more, and here is where we’ll break it all down.

Malakai Black vs Cody Rhodes

Since making his shocking AEW debut, Malakai Black had his sights set on Cody Rhodes. He showed up out of nowhere and kick the holy hell out of Arn Anderson, before doing the same to Rhodes who came down to help the Nightmare Family’s coach. Ever since that moment, Black and Rhodes have been at war with each other.

There was a nice callback to Malakai Black’s time in WWE, where they had him in a dark room waiting for someone to call him out, but nothing really ever came of it. His first promo in AEW, Cody called him down to the ring, and Black had the line of “I was hoping you’d say that”. You don’t really see stuff like that, where the wrestler continues a storyline from their previous promotion. Malakai has also kept the eye injury angle as well, and making it feel real here in AEW. I think Black is a huge loss for WWE, and here in AEW, we’ll all get to see how creative Black can be.

It’s a debut match, so you’d really expect Malakai Black to win this one, but it is Cody Rhodes he’s up against. Even with Black getting the upper hand in most of their segments together so far, I think it continues and we see the first win for Malakai Black in AEW.

Chris Jericho vs Juventud Guerrera – 3rd Labour of Jericho

After his violent match against death match legend Nick Gage, Chris Jericho is right back at in the next phase of the labours of Jericho. It’s only been seven days since Jericho was hit with glass, light tubes, and of course the pizza cutter, what shape will Jericho’s body be in after all that punishment? You also have to take in to consideration his opponent. Chris Jericho is going from death match Icon, to one of the most entertaining luchadors in history. The change in wrestling styles here is insane.

The Luchador he will be facing is Juventud Guerrera. Jericho is no stranger to Juventud, as the two faced off against each other multiple times in WCW. Juvi wrestled in WCW, ECW, WWE, and TNA, before returning to the Indies and AAA in 2008. He’s spent most of his time in Mexico over the last decade, but tonight, he’s coming back to TNT. 

Juventud Guerrera was one of my favourite wrestlers when I was a kid, so it’ll be really cool to see him live in action once again. An added stipulation that MJF made for this match, is that Jericho must win using a move from the top rope. So I guess that means no Judas Effect, but I still see Chris Jericho winning this match and moving on to labour number four.

Miro vs Lee Johnson – TNT Title Match

It has been a while since we’ve seen Miro in action. In fact, it’s been over a month since Miro has been in a match. His last match was a successful TNT title defence against Brian Pillman Jr. Even though Miro hasn’t been wrestling as often as I’d like, he’s been slowly building his character up week after week. His new persona of “god’s favourite champion”, is really growing on me, and it’s a persona that really fits the build of the wrestler.

Facing Miro tonight, will be Nightmare Family’s Lee Johnson. Johnson has come a long way since first coming into All Elite Wrestling, and this will be his biggest opportunity to date. I don’t see this going to well for Johnson, because right now, Miro looks as unstoppable as any wrestler in the world. I expect Miro to make this his 5th title defence.

Also scheduled for tonight’s Dynamite, is a singles match between the Bunny and Leyla Hirsch, and Christian Cage takes on the Blade.

All this and so much more can be seen on TNT (TSN in Canada) every Wednesday night at 8PM EST.

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