Top 3 MMA Fighters Conor McGregor Should Fight vs Who He Wants to Fight

What’s next for Conor? So many names to choose from but there are three MMA fighters that Conor should fight. After losing to Dustin Poirier by TKO (Doctor Stoppage), Conor Mcgregor wants and feels he deserves an immediate rematch The Diamond. There’s no doubt that this fight will happen but the general public is getting bored of Conor’s delusional views on how his fights go. I truly hope that it’s an act to sell fights and play mental warfare with his opponents. Because if not, he needs some serious help.

Conor’s interview with Stephen A. Smith was the first sign that Conor is just playing everyone for fools. Saying that he doesn’t count submissions as real wins is banana lands. Conor is a fantastic fighter, one that I have always enjoyed watching. After his antics in the Octagon along with saying the things he said and posted about Dustin’s wife and daughter, I’m turned off by the person that single handedly made every MMA fighter in the world richer.

Regardless of how me and the general public feel about him, he is in fact the only person that can push the views and numbers that the UFC needs. The UFC has not been very good at acting like they don’t give the Irishman everything he wants. Let’s not forget that he has only ever won one fight at Lightweight. yet still thinks that he is the top contender of that division… with or without Khabib. Conor feels he’s deserving of another shot a Poirier but it’s not what he should be looking for. Here is who Conor should fight next in order of importance and relevance.

3- Dustin Poirier at Lightweight

This might come as a shock to most people but Dustin has nothing to prove vs Conor. They fought three times, most recently when Conor broke his ankle. It’s safe to say that Dustin won that first round before the injury occurs. Dustin dominated on the ground after Conor shot a desperate guillotine attempt. Even if we ignore the third fight and focus on their second encounter, Dustin looked good and KOd Conor. Dustin has championship potential where Conor is a pay day. The fourth fight will always be there so no reason to rush for Dustin. Go for the title and leave Conor build his record back up before he gets another shot at Dustin.

2- Nate Diaz at Welterweight

This fight is what all the fans want to see. I know I definitely do. Conor and Nate are tied one a piece with Conor winning by decision in their second and Nate winning by submission in the first. Since then Nate has lost to Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards and beat Anthony Pettis who is no longer in the UFC. Nate has also said that the Lightweight division is dead and that there’s nobody that can beat him at 170. Not sure what he’s watching or if he was just super baked that day (don’t blame the guy) but he needs to fight contenders and win. Diaz could’ve finished that fight vs Edwards when he was rocked by Diaz in the end of the 5th round. This makes the most sense for Conor if he wants to get a lot PPV buys and a big win vs a well respected fighter. Diaz possesses the biggest nail in Conor’s coffin. If Conor loses to Diaz then the hype surrounding Mcgregor shrinks a lot. Conor will have to fight whoever calls him out because a loss to Diaz means he would be 1-4 since he fought Floyd Mayweather. This fight has to happen but not before this next fighter.

1– Rafael Dos Anjos at Lightweight

This is the one. If Conor was smart and really, truly, wholeheartedly believes that he can be a Lightweight champ again, then he needs to fight RDA. Dos Anjos was cutting weight as a potential replacement to Dustin vs Conor 2. The two fighters had a minor confrontation backstage where Conor snuck up behind RDA in an attempt to intimidate him. This rivalry isn’t news. The two fighters exchanged words at the Go Big Press Conference. The famous “Red Panty Night” chirps from Conor made headlines. Back when Conor was Conor and not what he’s become. If Conor can start a 2-3 fight win streak with a win over RDA, he would win over a lot of the public and grow those PPV buys.

Conor wants all three of these guys, but in the wrong order. Conor needs to build himself back to the killer that we all learned to love vs the cringe delusional life he’s living now.

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