NFL Storylines: Are The Rams Really THAT Good?

QB Competitions 

There is quite a bit of uncertainty surrounding the quarterback position around the league. Let’s start in Denver. My guess is Drew Lock will be the starter come week 1, but he is in a tight race with Teddy Bridgewater. I still believe in Lock, but expect him to start the season on a short leash. With the retirement of Drew Brees, the Saints are left with a big decision to make. Who will it be? Winston or Hill? I think it should and will be Winston. Neither of these QBs have proven anything yet, but I trust Winston more than I do Hill. I have a hard time seeing Hill having success as the starting QB of any team. I hope I’m wrong. Let’s finish with the Patriots. I love the fit of Mac Jones in New England. Cam Newton will be the starter come week 1 but I expect Jones to snatch that role by midseason.       

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Players on the Hot seat

I’m going to start with a guy that people may not realize is on the hot seat: Kyler Murray. The former number 1 overall pick is going into his third. Murray has yet to make the playoffs. He has shown signs of greatness and is by no means a bust. However, with the pieces surrounding him a playoff appearance is a must this season. This saddens me but Tua has to be on the list. He gets somewhat of a pass last season. He was a rookie coming off an injury with no preseason. Not the case this year. The organization did whatever they could to get Tua weapons. If he struggles again this year I’m sure it’ll be his last in a Dolphins uniform. Daniel Jones has had a tough start to his career. He’s been a turnover machine and doesn’t make smart decisions. He has what it takes to be a starter. He just needs to try simplifying things and becoming a better game manager.     

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Can The Bucs Repeat?

Heck ya. Incredible to think they have virtually the exact same team that won the Super Bowl. Brady should have these guys cruising to another NFC South title. Many thought Chris Godwin would leave in free agency. It just goes to show you how badly they want to repeat. I don’t know how they got everyone back on defense but they did. They’re my favourites to repeat as NFC Champions. The biggest challenge for them will be a team coming out of the AFC. As of right now I can’t see anyone else coming out of the NFC.   


My most intriguing rookie has gotta be Kyle Pitts. There’s a tremendous amount of pressure on the 20 year old. I’m not sure he’ll put up the big numbers this season everyone is expecting, but I think he’ll have a hall of fame type career. Trevor Lawrence should have a solid season in Jacksonville, but it won’t be good enough to make the playoffs. At any rate, I think Lawrence will be the guy to turn this franchise around. The big story in San Francisco is the starting QB position. I thought Garoppolo would have already been off the team by now, so maybe he’s the favorite to be QB1? Trey Lance will eventually becoming the starter. We’ve heard the 49ers are a QB away from winning the Super Bowl… Let’s hope Lance is that QB.      

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Aaron Rodgers 

If you asked me a month ago whether Rodgers would return to Green Bay I would’ve said yes, now, it’s a different story. He says he will making his decision soon and let’s hope he does. This is going to sound nuts, but if the Packers want to ensure Rodgers returns they are going to have to consider trading Jordan Love. Obviously that’s a huge risk because there’s no guarantee Rodgers stays even if they trade Love. I can’t wait to see how this turns out, but my guess is Rodgers has already played his last snap with the Packers. 

Addition of Julio Jones

One of the bigger moves of the offseason sends star Julio Jones to Tennessee. This obviously makes them a better team as defenses will need to worry about covering A.J. Brown and Julio. I don’t think the offense will change much as Derrick Henry will still get 20+ carries a game. Whether or not Julio puts up good numbers I expect the Titans to average more points than in year’s past. Defenses cannot afford to stack the box in order to slow down Henry with the addition of Julio. The AFC South is now officially the Titans to lose.    

Will the Rams live up to the hype? 

The addition of Matthew Stafford is huge for the Rams. He’s no doubt an upgrade to Jared Goff. I also like the addition of DeSean Jackson and their rookie Tutu Atwell. They got a solid receiving core in Kupp, Woods, Reynolds and Higbee. I totally get the hype surrounding this team, but I think we have to pump the breaks a little. They’ll fight for the division and probably make the playoffs, but I don’t see them as legit Super Bowl contenders. The Rams have the defense to win a Super Bowl, but it’ll all about to the man under center, Matthew Stafford.  

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