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Why The Suns Should Now Be The Favourites To Win The Title.

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Similarly to the Montreal Canadiens, the Phoenix Suns have made it back to the finals for the first time since. 1993. Although injury has been more prevalent in these playoffs than at any other point in NBA history, that should not take away from the fact that after 16 years, Chris Paul has finally made his first NBA finals. After a few average games to his standards, Paul closed the Los Angeles Clippers out in game 6 by dropping 41 points, 4 rebounds and 8 assists.

The Suns will either play the Atlanta Hawks or the Milwaukee Bucks in the finals but the stars from both teams are hobbled. Giannis Antetokounmpo suffered a knee injury in game 4 and has no timetable for his return and Trae Young has been dealing with an ankle injury after he accidentally stepped on a referee’s foot.

Regardless of who the Suns play they will have the advantage because they are the healthiest team remaining in the playoffs. They are also extremely well coached as Monty Williams was a coach of the year finalist. However, the most pleasant surprise of the playoffs this year has been Deandre Ayton, who has emerged as a star. He’s held his own against the likes of Nikola Jokic and Anthony Davis. I don’t believe they would’ve made it this far if he hadn’t taken the leap into stardom. Due to all of these things, I believe without a doubt that the Suns will be the favourites to win.

It seems as though the stars have aligned for Chris Paul and the Suns to win the NBA championship. A ring will only bolster Paul’s argument as a top 5 Point Guard of all time, which I already believe he is. He has overcome a tremendous amount of adversity and misfortune in his career and a ring would be incredible for him and his legacy.

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