What Does the Future Hold for Trevor Bauer Amidst Accusations of Violence?

Blogs like this are very difficult to write. When it comes to issues of domestic or sexual violence reactions on the internet are often very polarizing when they deal with professional athletes.  The fact of the matter is they are handled with great difficulty in the courtroom with people whose entire career is dedicated to handling such issues.  They are nuanced and while we at Hot Sauce Sports obviously denounce any violent crimes especially those directed toward women and children, we generally wait to pass judgement until the legal process is done.  We will bring to light facts and information we receive and we will analyze those facts along the way.  We’ve done this with Deshaun Watson’s case in the past few weeks.

In the same week that Bill Cosby was released from prison on a technicality, Trevor Bauer was accused of sexual violence and details regaridng the restraining order as well as the social media exchange between the two has become public.  In the case of Bill Cosby, we saw someone who is an unprecedented serial rapist (unless you believe his 59 accusers were all lying despite similar details or that his own admissions were also inaccurate) was released and is no longer subject to trial without further accusations.  This was, what I regarded, as open and shut a case that could possibly exist. Yet, a guilty man walks free.  This is what I mean when I make the claim the legal system even has difficulty dealing with these cases.

Trevor Bauer was accused of strangling a woman until she was unconscious on multiple occasions and hitting her in her face and in multiple parts of her body.  The 67 page restraining order was obtained by the press and has largely been reported on by the Washington Post, The Athletic and others.  In the meantime however, Bauer released DMs between the woman and himself. In the DM’s the two discussed having “hard sex” that involved slapping and choking.

As one can imagine this fueled both sides of the argument on the internet. Those who claimed Bauer’s guilt felt one way and they are argued quite fervently by people saying that this is a cash grab aimed at earning a payout from the LA Dodgers pitcher.  As I stated we aren’t going to make any statements regarding the innocence or guilt of the accused.  However, I did speak to a source inside baseball who asked to remain nameless. The source had the following to say about Bauer’s future with the club:

  • Bauer will be suspended by major league baseball. (he has since been placed on administrative leave)
  • There are graphic pictures that have been released as part of the court documents.  These pictures, as mentioned, are quite graphic and are considered to be “quite concerning” to the MLB.
  • The information that was released in the 84 page court document that Bauer anally penetrated the woman in question while she was unconscious was something she had not consented to. This is the part of the documentation that both the league and team representatives found most troubling.
  • If charges are pressed by the DA, the Dodgers can likely terminate the contract with cause.
  • From a legal perspective the texts likely won’t be considered consent as consent needs to occur at the time of intercourse. 

As we’ve seen, the opinion from my source is that Bauer’s future as a Dodger and Major League Baseball player seem to be largely in jeopardy.  As for his future as a free man, this remains to be seen. We will continue to follow the story as it unfolds.

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