Oscar De La Hoya Is Boxing Again and a Youtuber Is the Highest Paid Boxer in the World.

You know the world is broken when one of the top stories in combat sports in June 2021 is that Oscar De La Hoya is fighting a boxing match. You can also sense the earth is off balance when we see that YouTubers Jake and Logan Paul are the highest boxers of 2021 not named Floy Mayweather. June 2021 has been very weird for boxing, we saw Floyd Mayweather fight an exhibition bout vs Logan Paul, we saw Jake Paul steal Floyd’s hat and this past weekend we saw a guy named after a cleaning tool fight a TikToker. YouTuber Austin McBroom demolishes Bryce Hall and wins one for YouTube. Oh and don’t forget that Aaron Carter fought Lamar Odom! What a S*** show that was.

In more or less relevant news, Oscar De La Hoya will face off against former UFC Champion Vitor Belfort in a exhibition boxing match on September 11th. On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, the most devastating attack on the United States, we will see two retired vets from the boxing and MMA community give us some entertainment. The event will be promoted by Triller, the same guys that brought us the last two Jake Paul fights and Snoop Dogg as a fight commentator.

If we never saw the Paul’s take over boxing, would we even be shocked that De La Hoya wants to fight? It’s pretty well documented that he is in the juice when it comes to money and Dana White not shying away from call the former Middleweight, Lightweight and Welterweight boxing champ a coke head.

The venue is still To Be Determined aloing with the undercard. Assume that there might a former NBA or NFL player looking to throw hands with an online personality.

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