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Euro 2020 Group E: Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden

This is one of the more interesting groups in the tournament this year, as you can make a case that all four of these teams can go through. I feel most people can agree that Spain should make it through, but it’s that second spot that’s up for debate. Here is where we’ll break it down. 

Spain (1st Place)

Like in the group covered before this, Spain have a lot of similarities to Croatia, in the fact that the household names are starting to get up their in age. The difference between the two  is the amount of talent Spain also have in the prime of their careers. When you combine the experience that some of the older players have, and combine it with the solid new core of players coming, Spain should have no problems with this group. 

Sweden (2nd Place)

This may be a tougher pick then the runner up in Group F, as you can make the argument for all three other teams but I’m going to pick Sweden to advance with Spain. Sweden have a solid core of players in the 26-30 range, and young talent emerging like Dejan Kulusevski and Alexander Isak, it could just be the perfect blend to see them through. 

Poland (3rd Place)

I think that if Poland had a more solid midfield, I’d be giving them the nod over Sweden. We all know of the superstar, that is Robert Lewandoski, and the great keepers that Poland produce, but I think it’ll be that lack of creativity and supply to the strikers that will be the downfall of Poland. 

Slovakia (4th Place)

Slovakia is another country that has supplied stars over the last few years, but those stars are starting to age. I don’t think the depth is there for Slovakia, and they don’t have that game changer to come off the bench in a close game. 

This is a group that I wouldn’t be shocked to see a three-way tie for second, with all of those teams tied at three points each. I think Spain will move on comfortably, but it’s a toss up for that second spot. 

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