Lebron James Does It Again. Please Give Him His Damn Respect… Again!

With 3:01 left in Game 6 of Round 1 in the Western Conference between the Phoenix Suns and the Los Angeles Lakers we saw something that we never would’ve thought would happen. Lebron gives up on the game makes the situation about him and not the team.

With a thirteen point lead, the Suns look to be coasting to a 4-2 series win and advance to the second round. Lebron doing the bare minimum in the last three minutes didn’t help the Lakers cause. Anthony Davis left the game in the first quarter and Lebron was left to pick up the pieces. James scored 29 points in a game where the Lakers lost 113-110.

Lebron looked to be frustrated and complaining to the refs. At one point, he argues for a call while the play is going on the other side of the court. Instead of hustling back and leading by example to a bunch young guys like Kuzma, Schroder and the rest, he slowly trots back in to fill in his role on D while the rest of his squad is left covering five men a man down.

Lebron is a fantastic player, arguably the best player of all time and a great humanitarian but he is also one of the biggest babies in the NBA. He argues and cries when he doesn’t get the call he was hoping for, he leaves games 5 minutes early and refuses to shake the hands of his opponents. He’s like fourteen year old teenager that gets his Play Station taken away. What bothers me and many others about Lebron is that he gives speeches where he says that “I want my damn respect” then does this when he doesn’t like a result.

Good job on the Suns for eliminating the Lakers and allowing fans to witness more of Devin Booker who scored 47 points on the night he eliminated Lebron James, his childhood hero.

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