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Bryson DeChambeau Will Caddy For Dave Portnoy vs Brooks Koepka

Is Bryson DeChambeau the biggest troll and heel if all time? Imagine the scenario where Brooks Koepka wanted to take on a challenge against one of the most famous personalities in the world right now in Dave Portnoy, all to have your arch nemesis Bryson DeChambeau caddy the match. Dave Portnoy has been in talks of having Bryson caddy his match vs Brooks Koepka but nothing is offcial. Brooks would have to play lefty instead of righty.

All this controversy has grown with the very public hatred Bryson and Brooks have for each other. Brooks has been very vocal about his feelings towards Bryson. Just this past weekend, Bryson interrupted Brooks’ interview after finishing second to Phil Mickelson at the PGA Championship. Brooks was talking about how difficult the greens were because of the wind, when Bryson was walking on concrete with his dumb spikes on while whispering something under his breath. Brooks lost is concentration and rolled his eyes in frustration. Brooks looked defeated by Bryson’s interruption, almost like when your mom keeps calling your name when you’re in the middle of a round on Call of Duty.

The details aren’t official yet but the match between Barstool Sports founder and President Dave Portnoy and Brooks Koepka will happen with or without Bryson. But hopefully WITH Bryson.

Bryson DeChambeau is set t face off in a match partnering up with Aaron Rodgers to face off vs Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady. Bryson is a weird guy. I/m still confused about how self aware he actually is.

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