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AEW Dynamite Preview: Blood & Guts!

It’s that time again, where AEW prepare a PPV calibre match card, and give it away for free on cable TV. This edition of Dynamite will be featured around the big Blood & Guts match, between the Inner Circle and the Pinnacle. Also scheduled for tonight’s show, The AEW champion will be in tag team action, there will be a 4-team tag match to determine the #1 contender, a big feud will be settled, and The #1 ranked women’s wrestler will be in action as well!

All this and so much more, and here is where we’re going to break it all down.

Inner Circle vs Pinnacle – Blood & Guts

For those of you not familiar with what a Blood & Guts match is, it’s most likely something you’ve never seen before. First of all, there is two rings, and those two rings will be side by side and surrounded by a steel cage. That steel cage is also different to the normal steel cage as the Blood & Guts steel cage is closed off at the top.

Now that you get a better feel of the environment, let’s discuss the rules. The match will start off with one member of each team, they will wrestle for 5 minutes, then every 2 minutes a new wrestler is introduced to the match. Once everyone has entered the rings, the match can only be won by submission or surrender.

At last weeks parlay, more great promo work from all guys from both factions, but most importantly, we found out that Sammy Guevara would be starting for the Inner Circle and he gave away the advantage to the Pinnacle. This move makes sense as the heel team will dominate with the advantage, and Sammy is the perfect baby face to endure the beatdown.

I think this is going to be an amazing spectacle, and my only concern with this match, is that it won’t get enough time. There is already 4 other scheduled matches for tonights show, and I’m hoping Blood & Guts will get at least 45 minutes. I expect that the Pinnacle will win this match because they’re so new as a faction, and if they were to lose this so early on, it would ruin them. I also believe that will lead to another MJF vs Chris Jericho match at Double or Nothing.

Kenny Omega (C) & MT Nakazawa vs Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston 

On last week’s Dynamite, Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston beat down Kenny Omega and had his foot trapped in a chair and threatened to break the champs’ ankle if he didn’t agree to this match. Obviously Don Callis didn’t want his meal ticket to be sent to the injured list, so he said yes to the match, and tonight the match will happen.

It’s funny that AEW decided to go this route to book the match, because Mox and Kingston want revenge for when Omega stomped Eddie’s ankle, yet they had the chance to literally get even and they left him to book this match…

I’ll definitely take the match as it’ll be more entertaining, and I’m sure Mox and Kingston will say they didn’t stomp Omega’s ankle, so they can inflict more punishment to the champ in a match. There will most certainly be interference in this match and/ or Kenny will just let Nakazawa get absolutely destroyed and take the loss. In any case, I hope this leads to Mox and Kingston becoming a full time tag team and going after the tag titles eventually.

There is 3 other matches scheduled for this card, and with all due respect, I hope they are given 5-10 minutes tops. Usually, I prefer that every match gets enough time to really tell a story but with the big main event, I want that much to get a huge chunk of the show. 

Cody Rhodes returned last week to surprise QT Marshall and attacked him on top of the Nightmare Family bus. This will be the first time Cody takes on QT since Marshall turned on Cody and stole some students from the Nightmare Family. There will be a 1# contenders match for the tag team titles, and this match will be 4-way tag match. The teams included are the Varsity Blonds, the Acclaimed, Jurassic Express, and SCU. After SCU came out and cut that promo basically challenging the Young Bucks last week, you’d expect that Kaz and Daniels are going to win this match. The last scheduled match, is just announced as Britt Baker in action. I hope this is a squash match that has Baker go over in under 2 minutes, to then give her time on the mic to call out AEW women’s champion Hikaru Shida.

I’m super pumped for tonight’s card and I think we’ll have a much clearer picture of what this months PPV will look like after Dynamite.

All this and much more can be seen on TNT (or TSN in Canada) at 8PM EST.

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