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NFL Draft Always Brings Out The Weirdos: Jaguars Edition

It wouldn’t be Draft night if we didn’t have middle America die hard football fans dressed up in their favourite team’s gear and rocking the worst wigs, hair dye or masks that exist on this planet. We love the festivities and appreciate them for what they are.

This one takes the cake as most dedicated and funniest fans we saw grace our timelines. At first, I thought it would be brutal. Look at him, gold hair wig, a washed out Keenan Mccardell jersey trying to look like eventual 1st overall pick Trevor Lawrence.

Who doesn’t like a nice clean rendition of Piano Man by Billy Joel? I know I do. This man is a beauty and should be cherished by all Jaguars fans. He embodies the frustration and at time embarrassment that the Jaguars fans feel every season along with excellent comedic timing and musical talent.

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