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AEW Dynamite Preview: Kenny Omega Owns ALL the GOLD!

Tonight will be the first Dynamite since Kenny Omega was victorious at Impact’s PPV Rebellion, where he became Impact world champion. This makes Omega AEW champion, Impact champion, and AAA champion. It’s one of the most intriguing storylines in wrestling today, and hopefully soon we’ll hear from Don Callis and the new Impact world champion. We’ll also see two members of the Super Elite in action, the TNT Title is on the line, and we’ll have a parlay between the two factions who one week from tonight will battle it out in a Blood & Guts match.

All this and so much more, and here is where we’re going to break it all down.

Young Bucks (C) vs Sydal Brothers

A few weeks ago, the Young Bucks were caught in the middle — were they faces or heels? After turning on John Moxley and officially re-joining Kenny Omega and Don Callis in the Super Elite, there is no doubt the Bucks are heels. Their attitude has changed out of the ring, and it’s also reflecting their in ring style as well. The Young Bucks have gone back to their disrespectful style, insulting their opponents while beating them up, and even going as far as unmasking Rey Fenix to get the win 2 weeks ago. This Change of heart is a good decision I feel, as people were finding it confusing whether the Bucks were good or bad guys. Having them be obnoxious, outright heels are characters the Young Bucks are VERY good at portraying.

On the other side of the ring, we’ll have the Sydal Brothers. These two have been a formidable tag team since coming to AEW, but are yet to score a big win. If Matt and Mike could get a win over the current tag team champions, that’ll most certainly put them in front of the line for a title shot. My only issue with this team is the gap of wrestling ability between the two. I’m not saying Mike Sydal is bad by any means, it’s just Matt is incredible, and much more of a household name. Hopefully with Mike getting more TV time, I’ll start getting used to seeing them together.

I can’t see the Sydals winning here (unless a huge distraction happens), and I expect another win for the AEW tag team champs.

Darby Allin (C) vs Dark Order’s 10 – TNT Title

A couple months ago, I mentioned that though I was happy about the Sting and Darby partnership, and feud with Team Taz, I wasn’t thrilled about the TNT championship taking a backseat to everything. The good news is, that the pay off match for the feud was awesome, and now we’re getting the TNT Title back in the forefront. This is going to be the 3rd successive week that the champion will be putting his title on the line. Like last week, it’ll be against another promising talent within the company.

AEW and Tony Khan have done a great job listening to their audience, especially when it comes to who challenges for the TNT championship. AEW’s fanbase has been pushing for 10 from the Dark Order to challenge Darby Allin for the title for some time now, and tonight they’ll get their wish.

10 has become a fan-favourite ever since little Brodie Lee Jr hand picked him to be in the main event of his father’s tribute show. He’s been racking up the wins on dark and that’s got him his shot tonight. 10 is a much larger athlete then Allin is, so once again we’ll see that “David vs Goliath” style match, but Darby will have an advantage with his quickness over his bigger opponent. I expect another win for the champion on this occasion.

The Inner Circle & The Pinnacle – Parlay

Last week on Dynamite, Excalibur casual dropped a line about Blood & Guts being a “one match special”. It’s still unclear whether he meant that the match will be the entire Dynamite next week, or it’s just a special attraction match. In any case, this segment will be the “go-home” angle before the event next week.

This should be an entertaining segment, simply because MJF is in it, but also we are starting to see other members of the two factions start to speak up and show how good their promo skills are. Wardlow cut a very impressive promo last week for the Pinnacle, as well as Santana killing it when he was given the shot last week in his promo time. So who will be the next to speak up and take the spot light?

Tonight’s Parlay is supposed to be free of fighting and just the two factions discussing what the rules will be for the match, but we know AEW loves a good brawl so I expect to see the segment ending in that fashion.

I love the idea of the Inner Circle and the Pinnacle going to war in a Blood & Guts match, but I think I would’ve held off for at least a few months to let the story build more and have some one-on-one matches before having faction vs faction. That’s just my opinion, but I will say, that if the match is given the full 2 hours of Dynamite, then I’m way more on board with the match happening so soon.

There are tons of other matches planned for tonight’s Dynamite, including Hangman Adam Page taking on “the Machine” Brian Cage. Kris Statlander will take on Penelope Ford in singles action, Penta will take on Orange Cassidy, and there will also be a big 6-man tag match between the Nightmare Family and the Factory.

All this and so much more can be seen on TNT (or TSN in Canada) at 8PM EST.

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