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The Super League Is A Sham, Players and Managers Hate It. The Scandal Heard Around The World

A quick description of how the ESL would work

Yes, it’s a scandal! This past week, it was announced that a select few of the best European Clubs were named in a new league to compete/oppose with UEFA Champions League. Those clubs are Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham from the Premier League, plus Italy’s Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan and Spain’s Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. This came as a shock to the world as it can potentially ruin the rest of the European Leagues. The Super League came as a response to reform demands in The Champions League tournament.

Merriam Webster dictionary defines the word Scandal as “a circumstance or action that offends propriety or established moral conceptions or disgraces those associated with it”. Let’s break that down real quick. Offends propriety – This offended the proprietary owners of the rest of the European Football Clubs that were excluded. Offends the fans and the players because they didn’t have a say in any of this. So much so, that Managers like Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp and formerly with Tottenham, Jose Mourinho were on record going against the ESL. Disgraces those associated – The Clubs that have joined the league are disgraced by the rest of the world for being greedy and money driven while exploiting the fans and players.

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville voice their displeasure.

Real Madrid President and ESL Chairman is sure the league will continue, solely based on legalities. “I don’t need to explain what a binding contract is, but effectively the clubs cannot leave,” Perez told newspaper AS. On the board as well are Andrea Agnelli Chairman of Juventus Vice-chairman Joel Glazer Co-chairman of Manchester United Vice-chairman John W. Henry Owner of Liverpool Vice-chairman Stan Kroenke Owner of Arsenal. Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain refused the bid and were opposed the bid.

Jurgen Klopp’s opinion hasn’t changed

Most of the teams have since withdrew from the league after the public completely ripped them for being greedy billionaires. Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville were absolutely disgusted with the news and voiced their opinions as fans and supporters of their former clubs. Participation in this league will endanger the players and clubs involved from ever competing in UEFA or FIFA tournaments such as The Euro and The World Cup.

This can’t happen. The owners are lining their pockets off the backs of the past successes of their organization and creating a monopoly. They tried to create NFL style franchises and a North American style league. The worst part about all this is that none of the players or managers had any say in this, which proves how sketchy and sneaky these billionaires are.

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