Ben Askren vs Jake Paul, The World’s Most Interesting Storyline.

If you’re going to watch Ben Askren and Jake Paul fight, you’ll need to understand the series of events that led to scheduling a fight between a legend in the MMA world and one of the most famous YouTube stars on the planet. It has become one of the most interesting storylines on the internet and one that this wannabe blogger will be following very closely. Jake Paul willed this fight into existence by calling out Conor Mcgregor, Dillon Danis and many others. Not only was Paul calling these PROFESSIONAL fighters out but after his KO victory over former NBA star Nate Robinson, Jake Paul was all over the internet talking smack about every MMA fighter looking for a bite, specifically Mcgregor.

Jake Paul’s main target was Conor but we all knew that wouldn’t happen anytime soon. Conor was just weeks away from his rematch vs Dustin Poirier and wasn’t about to get into a Twitter war with a guy that’s fought twice in his life, regardless of how many followers he has.

SO in a nutshell here is what happened

  • Jake Paul beats a guy who’s never fought
  • Jake Paul starts getting fight offers from actual fighters
  • Jake Paul calls out Conor Mcgregor and insults his wife and Dana White
  • Conor doesn’t respond
  • A bunch of athletes and young boxers start to call out Jake looking for a major pay day.
  • Conor loses his fight to Poirier.
  • Jake mocks Conor and offers him 10k cash
  • Jake then rolls up on Dillon Danis while recording an episode of Food Truck Diaries with Brendan Schaub
  • The public starts throwing names around and it catches the attention of the MMA community
  • Ben Askren’s name shows up on the list of potential opponents
  • Jake Paul vs Ben Askren is announced
  • Dana White best $1M on Ben (allegedly)
  • April 17th Jake vs Ben goes down

This fight is uniting the world. Why? Because like Askren says, “Jake Paul’s fans are an average of thirteen years old”. I know we, at Hot Sauce Sports have covered Jake since his fight against Nate Robinson but we have no interest in his social media platforms.

Both these gentlemen have done an amazing job at promoting this fight. Jake brings the non-fight world and the ones that want to see him lose, while Ben brings in the guys that just want to see Jake get humbled by a “real fighter”. Especially after Jake said some nice words about Ben’s wife. I think it’s impossible to get into Ben’s head.

Don’t twist my words, I do think Jake is a real fighter. The court of public opinion might not, but most fight fans do respect Jake’s hustle and his ability. Regardless of the caliber of opponent he’s fought, Jake has skill. Can he beat Conor? I really doubt that but he has talked that fight into possible reality and we are much closer to a fight between Jake and Conor then we are to fight between Khabib and Conor. Just to put that into prespective.

Realistically, we see Dillon Danis vs Jake Paul. Dillon is king at mentioning everyone’s name without actually doing anything. He’s been injured and who knows what the plan for him. Dillon loves to talk about people that aren’t in Bellator, where he is currently signed.

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