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E.L.M.M.: The Vancouver Canucks Remind Us That Hockey Is a Luxury

With each passing day the situation in Vancouver is reaching near critical concerns. The situation has reached a breaking point where the question that has been in the back of everyone’s mind is now at the forefront. Is all of this worth it?

Hockey is a privilege, something that is often forgotten by most, myself included. NHL players like the rest of us have bills to pay. In most cases they have families to provide for and not just children but parents, siblings, extended families or even childhood friends . They sacrifice a lot, not just on but off the ice to be professional athletes and they are very well rewarded for this. Athlete salaries tend to be a highly contentious debate and some even think that this makes athletes fair game for criticism. On the ice or playing field, sure. However when the situation extends outside of the arena into real life, circumstances change.

The situation in Vancouver is a perfect example of this. It is reported that the Canucks roster has been hit by the Brazilian Variant which is said to be three times more contagious. A first in the NHL and to make matters worse it is being reported that the families are now being affected. 

Just for a moment, let’s remember the human side of things. Take Travis Hamonic for example who opted out of the Return to Play last season. This is not meant to minimize any one else on the list, however Hamonic has publicly been upfront about this from the start. With real life concerns for the health of his children Hamonic returned this season.

So while fans get their Tuesday night entertainment, Hamonic, his family and the rest of the league are dealing with things far more important than hockey. The pandemic has put a lot of things into context since it began and for most, sports have revealed themselves for what they are. A luxury that we can probably do without but it’s entertaining to watch. However, no one’s health should be in jeopardy over a game.

With cases continuing to rise it looks like the NHL is preparing for a complete shut down in Vancouver. Hard to argue against it at this point. Whether or not the Canucks play a full 56 game season or not seems like a moot point so arguing about competitive balance in the schedule might be a little tone deaf. At this point let’s just hope for minimal impact and a quick recovery for those infected.

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