Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua is finally happening. Here’s why I’m not that excited but I’ll still watch.

Leave it to the promoters to find a way to ruin the demand for the only fight in the Heavyweight division that hasn’t happened. That’s the problem with boxing, there are dozens of fights that we wish we can see…BUT NO! Instead we get Canelo vs Avni Yildrim. Who? you might ask. Avni is a Turkish fighter that isn’t a household name is coming off of a loss. That’s the equivalent of losing in a playoff game in the NFL and still playing in the Super Bowl. Oh but we saw Fury beat Otta Wallin, a 30 year old, 20-0 Swede that never sniffed top level talent.

Promoters ruin everything! Bob Arum is probably the worst human on earth. The only way he’s famous and rich is because of fighters yet he demands them to promote their fights. Before I get into a rant about Arum being a prick, let’s talk about why this Joshua vs Fury matchup. This fight should’ve happened right after Joshua beat Wladimir Klitschko in 2017, but Fury had taken a leave of absence from the sport dealing with his own struggles. As soon as Fury came back he had two tune up fights, he started calling Joshua out and the excuse was that the contract wasn’t ready or management didn’t like the deal. It’s all bout about the bottom dollar I guess, But Joshua reportedly refused a 64 million Pound offer from Fury’s camp. While Joshua was fighting Povetkin and losing to Andy Ruiz, Fury fought Wilder twice (won both, in my opinion) , Wallin and Schwarz. They’re wasting time and brain cells.

Everyone wanted this fight in 2018 and 2019. Joshua losing to Ruiz flattened hus stock a bit. This is what I hate about Boxing! It’s never the best fight. It’s whatever can make the most money. I get that it’s a business but promoters like Oscar De La Hoya and Bob Arum ruin it for everyone because they lose money and can’t buy houses and coke. Say what you want abvout Dana White but he and Eddie Hearn make millions and have the fighter’s best interest at heart.

I’ll still watch this fight but like I said before, it should’ve happened years ago. And don’t give me the COVID excuse because the UFC has operated on a full schedule during the pandemic.

Dana White expresses a real sentiment of what it’s like to be a promoter.

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