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AEW Dynamite Preview: St Patrick’s Day Slam

The explosives may have been a dud in the main event of Revolution, but the silver lining is that it’s reunited former AEW champion Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston. Moving forward, it looks like these two and possibly Christian Cage will be Feuding with Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers, and tonight we’ll see the next chapter unfold. We’ll also see a huge 10-man tag match, a grudge match that we didn’t know we needed until now, we’ll see the highly-touted Jade Cargill, and finally, an unsanctioned lights out match as the main event.

As usual, AEW have a jam-packed card and here’s where we’ll break it down.

Britt Baker vs Thunder Rosa – Unsanctioned Lights Out Match

The Feud between Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa has been building for some time now, and it all comes to a head in the main event of tonight’s Dynamite in a unsanctioned lights out match. The last few times these ladies have been involved in a singles match together, Britt Baker has come out on top with A LOT of help from Rebel, and now Thunder Rosa is looking to get her revenge.

It’s been a very entertaining story between these two and this feud will be getting the pay it really deserves. It’ll be really interesting to see how far Rosa and Baker take this match as it is anything goes, and it’ll be the first ever unsanctioned match in the women’s divisions in AEW.

Not only that, but it will be the first time a women’s match will be the main event of an episode of AEW Dynamite! This is a real testament to how well these ladies have told their story as it’s getting a main event spot, without having the title involved. The winner of this match should also see their stock rise significantly in the women’s rankings. I’m hoping that Thunder Rosa gets some revenge on Britt and hopefully also Rebel.

Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston vs The Good Brothers

I think that AEW may have something here, by having Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston teaming up together. Both of these guys are great in-ring workers and are phenomenal on the mic, but even more than that, these guys are some of the most believable wrestlers in all of pro wrestling. Predominantly singles competitors, this will be the first time that Moxley and Kingston will be teaming together in AEW so we’ll see how they fair against an extremely experienced tag team. 

In the other corner will be the Good Brothers, who have recently been a huge thorn in the side of Jon Moxley, and cost him his chance at regaining the AEW championship at Revolution. Things have been going well for the so called “Super Elite”, that was until this past Saturday where Gallows and Anderson lost their IMPACT tag team championships — nowthey’ve had little to no rest and they have an angry Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston waiting for them… 

Even though the Good Brothers have been tagging together for over 7 years, how can anyone bet against Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley, after the Super Elite failed to blow them up? I would be very surprised to see this one have a clean finish, or even any finish at all. I hope this angle is leading towards a 6-man match of Omega and the Good Brothers vs Moxley Kingston and Christian Cage. After this match, we should have a clearer picture.

Cody Rhodes vs Penta El Zero M

This match seemingly came out of nowhere, but Penta did such a great job getting everyone invested in this match. After Cody Rhodes won his match last week, Penta cut him off, andddd cut a great promo on the American Nightmare. He started with saying if the ladder match at Revolution had just been the two of them, he would’ve beat Cody… and then he went on to say if the two of them were to have a match, Penta would hurt Rhodes so badly that he wouldn’t be able to hold his newborn daughter. That sent Cody over the edge, and the two brawled a bit before having to be separated.

In all my fantasy booking scenarios, Penta vs Cody is one I never thought of, but what a blockbuster this match could be. Rhodes is currently dealing with an injured rotator cuff which could directly play into the finish as Penta has a famously brutal arm breaker maneuver. If Penta could pull out the win in this match, I’d love to see him get a big push as a singles wrestler, and hopefully get a shot at either Darby Allin’s TNT championship or Kenny Omega’s big platinum.

On this special St. Patrick’s Day episode of Dynamite, we’ll have Jade Cargill in action for the first time since she made her debut with Shaq and picked up a huge win. The Matt Hardy Empire will be taking on the team of Jurassic Express and Bear Country. There is a segment booked to hear from Christian Cage, and hopefully we actually get a chance to hear what he says. And last but certainly not least, will we hear from MJF and the shocking new faction that debuted on last weeks episode of Dynamite? 

Catch all this action live tonight on TNT (TSN2 in Canda) at 8PM EST.

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