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I never thought that the biggest signing on Day 2 of NFL Free Agency would Andy Dalton… again

When the Dallas Cowboys signed Andy Dalton as their backup QB last year nobody was surprised. He signed a one year deal at $3M. Cowboys fans like me loved it because of the uncertainty of Dak’s contract disputes. Dalton was and still is the best backup in the league.

The Chicago Bears have agreed to a deal with Andy Dalton $10M for one year. This signing is bad. Because Russell Wilson actually listed them as a landing spot and signing The Red Rocket means that Mitch Trubisky will still be the starter. This is an awful move by Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace. I don’t even know what they’ll do now. Is Foles still on the roster? I don’t know. Somehow the Bears got worse and they spent $10M on a QB.

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