Dana White should be the commissioner of the CFL x XFL League. The Ultimate Football Championship

The day after the UFC announces they will be holding UFC 262 in Florida at Full Capacity, the XFL announces the cancelation of the 2021 season. The CFL has not yet announced their decision to cancel but we all know where that is going.

The CFL is a few days away from their scheduled beginning of camp. So far no answers yet. The preseason is scheduled to commence on May 23rd but after interviewing multiple players in the CFL, the League has not yet communicated anything. The format is still up in the air and this means the season is still up in the air. The league is contemplating a Bubble style, like implemented in the NHL. But, the Canadian government has different restrictions for travel for all different provinces.

Some cities still have gyms closed and curfews. There’s no way they can figure this out. The CFL Front Office is already a joke. CFL Commissioner Randy Ambroise has been on record saying he and the XFL are just talking and that’s it. Ambroise isn’t the most liked Commissioner in the CFL.

The UFC just announced that UFC 261 that takes place in Jacksonville, Florida on April 24th. Full Capacity and 15,000 people f*** the pandemic. Three title fights including Kamaru Usman vs Jorge Masvidal for the Welterweight Title, Valentina Shevchenko vs Jessica Andrade for the Women’s Flyweight and Rose Namajunas vs Wei Li Zhang. The night will be electric. Stay tuned for the number of COVID cases will show up the next day. Maybe if Dana was the Commissioner for tis CFL x XFL merger, we wouldn’t have this problem.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Henoc Muamba and DJ Lalama of the CFL and they gave us their prespective. on the matter.

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