UFC Fight Night: Who had a coming out party? Here are my new stars of the game

What a night! Crazy fights and the fact we had two separate No Contests on the Main Card makes it crazier. This card had everything; comebacks, 1st round KO, submissions, illegal knees, illegal eye pokes and bad decisions.

I’ll start with one of the biggest robberies in the history of this sport. Manel Kape wiped the floor with Mattheus Nicolau and it wasn’t even close. All the judges had it 29-28 Nicolau. I don’t know what they saw but the last two rounds were all Kape. Kape was aggressive, he had 73 significant strikes landed over the 52 of Nicolau. Nicolau had two takedowns but that was it. Most MM journalists had Kape winning which comes to my bext point that the commissions needs to hire former fighters as refs.

Charles Jourdain, my boy! Knowing that he lost the first two rounds, you can hear his coach Fabio Holanda yelling at him to finish the fight. Jourdain was down two rounds and came out and absolutely dominated Carlos Rojo. Jourdain put such a pressure that he win the fight with 10 seconds left. Idiot fans saying that they should’ve let the 10 seconds go are what’s wrong with the world. The fight was over when Rojo collapsed and was unable to defend himself vs Charles Jourdain. The new Canadian stud, on a night when Canadians didn’t look good.

One of those Canadians was Gavin Tucker getting stone cold TKO’d by Dan Ige. Ige was coming off a loss but made a name for himself and I’m sure will be getting a fight bonus. Ige cracked Tucker on the chin just 22 seconds into the fight. I’m a big believer in Ige and I hope he can make a nice run.

Matthew Semelsberger sets the tone with the first fight of the night. A 16 second KO that shocked the world. There’s no doubt he has the Weleterweight division looking at him now. Here he is explaining how he set it up.

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