Boxing Great “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler passes away

On March 13th 2021 the fighting world lost one of it’s legends. “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler passed away unexpectedly in his New Hampshire home at the of 66. The

I’m not old enough to have watched him fight live but being a fight fan, I can’t help but appreciate what he had done for the sport. Hagler has been involved in some of the most iconic fights of all time. Vs Roberto Duran, vs Thomas Hearns (known as the best 1st round in boxing history), vs Sugar Ray Leonard, you name it. He has had some wars that we’re able to watch online now, and thank the boxing gods that YouTube exists. Just like I’m doing now, sometimes I’ll work with an old fight in the background.

Hagler was a physical specimen and one of the best of our generation. His defensive style allowed him to maintain his Middleweight titles from 1980 to 1987 when he lost to Sugar Ray Leonard and subsequently retired. Marvelous finished his career 63-3-2 with 13 wins as THE Undisputed Middleweight champ of the world, holding belts for WBC, WBA and IBF. He wasn’t flashy, he put his head down and fought. When the fight was over he retired and never looked back. You can’t say you’re a fight fan if you have never watched Hagler TKO Hearns or win a slobber knocker vs Roberto Duran.

R.I.P Marvin, you were a legend and will always be remembered.

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