Dream Gap Tour – March 7: The Team Adidas Power-Play Show

Though we did not get the scenes of an NHL rink we did get a much better camera angle than the one of last Saturday.

As Team WSF looked to avenge their loss yesterday, Team Adidas looked to put a stranglehold on their lead in the standings.

Playing with less than 6 defensemen… the cardio they have… I am sweating just thinking about logging those kinds of minutes.

We did not have to wait long for Team Adidas to take the lead in this game. As usual, Coyne Schofield was at the heart of it. As Minnesota streaked into the offensive zone a beautiful shot was ripped right off the crossbar and as everyone tried to decide if the puck went in, or where the rebound landed (even on TV that was impossible to tell), Coyne Schofield pounced on the puck and scored. That’s four goals in four games for Coyne Schofield. The stars continue to show us why they make the national teams every year.

Unlike yesterday, Team WSF answered right back. Team Adidas could not clear the first rebound, or the second and, (I mean if you can get to a third rebound you deserve the goal) Scamura banged in the rebound. Or was it Marvin? It took until intermission to really clarify that Scamura had, in fact, been last to touch the puck before it crossed the line. We ended the first period 1-1. Already a far closer game that yesterday.

A mostly uneventful first half of the second frame came to an end after Pannek’s goal on an absolutely beautiful cross-ice feed on the power-play by Pankowski. One timer, from one knee, that’s high class. That cross-ice passing on the power-play remains lethal.

Team Adidas kept coming, wave after wave, taking complete control of the game. They got another power-play and again went to work. This time a shot a big shot from Stecklein went through the bodies in front, and the goalie. It was going to be a problem for New Hampshire when Minnesota figured out its power-play. Well they’re definitely in trouble now. 3-1 for Team Adidas heading into the third period.

The third period offered us a promising start. Team WSF pulled within one goal, with lots of hockey to play. We talked about deserving a goal if you can get to several rebounds. Kessel got to her OWN rebound. Love to see that kind of drive, but the defending here was rather poor. 3-2 with 16 minutes to go.

Unfortunately any hopes at a comeback were shot dead three minutes later.

How are we not learning to box forwards out of the crease so they can’t get to rebounds???????? Folks that’s Hilary Knight, she will score on you anyways, you do not need to make it easy.

Team Adidas kept piling on, but Burt turned them back over and over again. For ten minutes the game was just Burt being a star.

Some of these saves are so incredible you don’t believe them in real time.

Team Adidas didn’t need the extra point to solidify their lead in the standings, but they got it anyway. Brodt with a perfect wrist shot. Another point for Roque too, who will absolutely find herself on the national team for the Olympics next year.

Hilary Knight would add a 6th goal for Minnesota with 5 seconds left. Another rebound. Another power-play goal. 3/5 for the evening is excellent, if that’s a trend, New Hampshire is in trouble.

For further reading about the game check out Marisa Ingemi’s work:

If you’re interested in extra data from the games, as well as NWHL data, Mike Murphy has it all:

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