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AEW Revolution: Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch!

One of the most anticipated pay-per-views in recent memory is finally upon us. This card is absolutely STACKED, headlined by the main event of AEW champion Kenny Omega vs Jon Moxley in exploding barbed wire deathmatch. Other big time matches on the card sees the Young Bucks defending their tag team titles, Hikaru Shida puts her title on the line as well, Sting officially returns to the ring and so much more. With so many high profile matches scheduled for tonights PPV, here is where we’ll break it all down.

Kenny Omega (C) vs Jon Moxley – Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch

In what might be the most controversial match announcement in the United States, since, well ever, Kenny Omega will be defending his AEW title in a match made famous by Atsushi Onita in Japan in the early 90’s. At first glance, it might seem that this type of match would favour Jon Moxley and his more hardcore style, but as Mox suggested on Dynamite, he’s most likely walking into a trap because the numbers advantage that Omega has.

Let’s start with what a exploding barbed wire match will entail. First of all, the ropes will be wrapped with barbed wire. That alone has led to some of the most gruesome moments in wrestling history. That wasn’t enough for Omega, however, and he felt the need to also have plywood wrapped in barbed wire that’s rigged with C4 explosives. It seems ridiculous reading that last line back in 2021, yet here we are. If you want a taste of what this match could be like, head over to Youtube and search FMW.

This has been a feud that started in 2019 when Jon Moxley debuted at Double or Nothing. In a great example of long term story telling, this rivalry has slowly been building for over a year and a half. Even more impressively, AEW has been able to hold off on making this match repetitive by only having the two face off in singles matches twice over this span with each of them picking up a win so far.

The rubber match between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley will take place in one of the most extreme environment possible and the anticipation couldn’t be any higher. With the news that Moxley’s wife is pregnant, there seems to be rumblings going around saying that this is an opportune way to write Moxley off tv for a while. 

I can’t wait to see what these two mega stars do in this crazy match, and honestly I hope they don’t go too extreme in fear that it might turn some newer viewers away from the product. 

Sting & Darby vs Brian Cage & Ricky Starks – Street Fight

Ever since Sting’s debut in AEW, he’s been tangled with Team Taz. For weeks it was very repetitive segments of verbal jabs back and forth between the two sides, but 3 weeks ago, business started to pick up.

When Sting was announced for the match, a lot of people thought, that this match was going to be a cinematic style match because of Sting’s neck injury. Well, when Brian Cage delivered and vicious powerbomb to the Icon 3 weeks ago, that all went out the window. Since that shocking moment, Sting and Darby Allin have gotten the upper hand on Team Taz, and they have the momentum going into Revolution.

It’ll be really exciting and nostalgic seeing Sting wrestle again, but I do hope he is protected because after all, the man is almost 62 years old! There is mixed opinions about having all these legends compete in AEW, but so far they have not stolen the spotlight from younger talent, but have help elevate them. As long as it keeps trending in that direction I’m fine with that. I personally think that Sting and Darby Allin will come out victorious in this bout, but as long as the match showcases the strength of the other two competitors, this will be success for everyone involved.

Cody Rhodes vs Scorpio Sky vs Lance Archer vs Penta El Zero M vs Max Caster vs TBA – 6-man Ladder Match For Shot at TNT Championship

The star power in this match already is enough to draw a lot of attention, but the focus before going into the match is who the sixth participant will be. AEW have done a really good job of late keeping their secrets under wraps, and this case is no different. Tony Khan has promised to showcase new and old faces in AEW just sparking the rumours over who this surprise sixth man will be. Will it be someone from the AEW roster, or will Khan go a grab someone from another wrestling company?

For now let’s focus on who is announced for the match. This is such a nice mix of wrestlers who’s styles all contrast each other and could lead to an absolutely show stealing type of match. Upon first look, Cody Rhodes might be the favourite going into this match as he is the only one who’s been the TNT champion before, but with the match being what it is, maybe quicker wrestlers like Scorpio Sky or Penta might have the upper hand.

I expect this match to be incredibly fast-paced and entertaining. The mix of wrestlers in this match is again such a fresh feel with the additions of young stars like Max Caster and a competitor like Lance Archer who you wouldn’t expect to see in a ladder match. This will be a can’t miss match and with that icing on the cake being the intrigue of the mystery man is, I’m really looking forward to see who will walk out- the face of the Revolution

Bonus Blogger though- surprise entrant : Rob Van Dam

The Young Bucks (C) vs Chris Jericho & MJF

It’s absolute absurd to me that some people have made the claim that the Young Bucks aren’t good storytellers in the ring and can only do random spots. Other then maybe Kenny Omega, no one tells a better story in-ring the Matt and Nick Jackson right now, and I can’t wait to see the match the Bucks put on with two of the biggest personalities in wrestling in Chris Jericho and MJF.

In the beginning, this felt more like it was about the Inner Circle’s troubles within, rather then the tag team titles, but in the last few weeks it’s really turned around. The first major shot was when Jericho and Friedman attached the Young Bucks’ father on an episode of Dynamite. The pair bloodied poor Papa Buck before high-tailing out of the building as Matt and Nick came running to their fathers aid. The Bucks got a measure of revenge on the go-home show of Dynamite this past Wednesday on the Inner Circle by putting both Santana and Ortiz through tables, but weren’t able to get their hand on Jericho and MJF.

It’s a testament to how truly good these 4 wrestlers are, to get people so emotionally invested in their match in such a little amount of time. I see the Young Bucks winning this one, as I feel it’ll better serve the story line of furthering the cracks in the Inner Circle while also giving the Bucks a huge title defence. I also wonder if we will see the return of Sammy Guevara, who hasn’t been seen since quitting the Inner Circle, maybe even cost his former squad the match?

Hikaru Shida (C) vs Ryo Mizunami

Ryo Mizunami emerged as the winner from the women’s number one contender tournament on this past episode of dynamite, she completed her fourth straight shock win when she pinned former champion Nyla Rose. Mizunami really did earn this shot at the title when you look at who she had to go through to win this tournament. She beat some of the most talented and legendary women in the business today. Maki Itoh, Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki and Nyla Rose were the four women she beat on her way to winning the tournament and earning her first shot at the AEW womens championship.

It was a breath of fresh air seeing Hikaru Shida compete last Sunday night in the 6-women tag match, as it felt like forever since we’ve seen the AEW womens champion in action. The tournament was a big positive for the women’s division as a whole, but other then doing the Japanese commentary, Shida hadn’t been in a match in a long time. In my opinion, Hikaru Shida is on of the most well rounded wrestlers in the world. She truly believes in her character and has the skill to match it. It’ll be awesome to see her back on the main stage tonight, where she belongs.

This is another fun story where these two started off as partners (Double or Nothing 2019), and now will face off for the AEW women’s championship. I hope to see Hikaru Shida continue her record run in AEW as the champion because when the time does come for Shida to drop the belt, it needs to launch someones career. 

This is only half the PPV… We’ll also have “big money match” between Hangman Adam Page and Matt Hardy, where whatever the result is, I hope Hangman officially joins the Dark Order. In other action, The Best Friends will take on “the best man” Miro and Kip Sabian, Riho will pair up with Thunder Rosa to take on Britt Baker and Reba and we’ll also have the big tag team battle royal.

Not to mention, maybe the most talked about topic in all of professional wrestling right now…who will Paul Wight announce as AEW’s most recent signing? On Dynamite, Wight referred to the signing as “a hall-of-fame worthy person” which sent the internet into a frenzy! Who can it be? Will it be Mick Foley? Maybe Kurt Angle (my pick), or dare I say, CM Punk?! 

With so much action scheduled for this event, this is going to be any wrestling fans dream. How will AEW possibly fit all this into a 3 hour window? To watch Revolution, go over to Fitetv to order the PPV now.

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