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First Quarter Report Cards: Ottawa Senators

Not a Senators fan in the least bit I’m an admirer of the way their building for the future. Future Superstars Tim Stuzle, Brady Tkachuk and Thomas Chabot are what this team is being built around. You can’t go wrong there.

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Toronto Maple Leafs

I didn’t have much expectations heading into the season for the Sens but I can’t help but be excited to see them grow into contenders like when they had Alfredsson, Heatley, Phillips & co. The season was going to be tough regardless of how the divisions were fixed. Luckily for us in the Great North we get to see sick Canadian matchups.

At 4-14-1, I’m nor surprised of the Senators record. To their defense, they did start the season 1-6-1 in January, then 0-6 to start February. Their best result came vs the Habs. I am impressed with how tough they are to play against. Their playing with house money and have nothing to lose. Trading for Matt Murray was the right cal. He gives the Sens a chance to win every night and you can never replicate Stanley Cup experience… he’s also 24 years old. I’ll be highlighting specific players as I breakdown the Sens season.

#9 Josh Norris – Centre

3 Goals – 7 Assists – 2 PPG – 5PPP

Players like Josh Norris have emerged as a string two way Centre that has playmaking ability. With 7 assists on the season and playing on the top line Norris is showing that he can be a staple in this organization’s rebuild. 52% FaceOff efficiency and 5 PPP, Norris reminds me of a cheaper version of Toews. The 21 year old 2017 1st round pick has impressed me and that is the exact style that I love to watch.

#7 Brady Tkachuk – LW

5 Goals – 6 Assists – 25 PIM

He’s 6’4??? WTF!?!? The Tkachuks are some of my favourite players to watch. The main reason why I like them so much is because of the effort they put in. Nobody has ever doubted their work ethic. At 21 years old, Brady is leading the Sens in points with 11 and in PIM with 25. He just collected his 100th point in his short career. Brady has lead this team this season and regardless of the team’s record, he carries them. The Sens have the worst Goal differential in the league at -34 not because of Brady. He’s a true leader.

#72 Thomas Chabot – Defense

3 Goals – 6 Assists

Thomas Chabot should be the captain as of next season. Excellent puck moving guy with an awareness for the net like no other. Averaging of 25 minutes a game this season, we can tell HC DJ SMith loves Chabot and the way he plays. Being matched up against Matthews and Marner, Mcdavid and Draisatl, and Toffoli and Anderson every 2nd night doesn’t help the +/- either. Especially when you’re all alone.

#18 Tim Stutzle – LW

5 Goals – 4 Assists – 2 PPG

Stutzle impressed me so much at the 2020 WJC. He finished the tournament with 5 goals and 5 assists and continued that momentum to the NHL. Stutzle is the energy this team needs. He remind me a lot of a young Hall, always finiding the net and able to stretch out opposing teams D. Looking at a 10 goal season for Stuzle. Anything more is a bonus.

#30 Matt Murray and #1 Marcus Hogberg – Goalies

Both Goalies are 24 years old with a collective 4 wins. Murray was brought in as the starter for the Sens. The two time Stanley Cup champ is young and capable but without a strong enough D core in front of him, he can’t do it alone. with a SV% od 3.86. The Sens have been hot at times on the back of Murray and should continue their hot and cold streaks.

All this to say that I think the Sens will most likely still be bottom basement when it’s all said and done. But I will be watching. They’re a very fun team to watch.

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