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Carson Wentz is a Colt. The world is right and the Eagles can suck again with no excuse.

It’s about time that Carson Wentz is gone. The 2016 2nd overall pick by the Philadelphia Eagles has been traded to the Indianapolis Colts for 2021 round round pick and a conditional 2022 2nd round pick that can turn to a 1st round if Wentz plays at least 75% of the snaps.

This doesn’t come as a shock to most since Wentz and former HC Doug Pederson weren’t seeing eye to eye. Wentz became disgruntled with the fact that Pederson started Jalen Hurts. Wentz felt that he deserved the starting role with a 3-8-1 record throwing just 16 TDs and 15 INTs. These numbers do not merit a starting role, especially since they drafted Jalen Hurts in the 2nd round of the 2020 draft. The message was clear, if you don’t perform, we have a contingency plan.

Wentz has potential but the clock is ticking. The worst part about Wentz is that his decline started one year before his new deal kicked in in 2021 worth $128M over 4 years. I’m still on the Wentz bandwagon but I’m standing up waiting to jump off if I see the same garbage I saw last year.

To his defense, Wentz didn’t have much to throw to other than Ertz and Goedert last year. SO if he has weapons like Pittman, Hilton, and Taylor, I would hope he can string some wins in what is the worst division in the AFC. Did Wentz just go from the worst division in the NFL to the second worst division in the NFL? Geez.

Good Luck to Wentz but if you’re tired of talking football the go to our YouTube Page and Subscribe to our channel. We had the pleasure of interviewing Montreal beat reporter John Lu from TSN.

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