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12 is better than 4. The case of GSP vs Kamaru Usman as WelterWeight King

UFC 258 was unreal, the cards keep on getting better and better. The UFC has continuously put on great shows and creates narratives that keep us glued to Twitter and anything they do. Kamaru Usman gets another notch on his belt by defeating former training partner and #1 contender Gilber Burns.

After the fight, Usman called Jorge Masvidal. The two fought earlier this year where Usman won by a decision. Masvidal took the fight on 6 days notice and flew to Abu Dhabi at the chance of dethroning Usman. Usman has now won 4 consecutive title fights: Woodley, Colby, Masvidal and now Burns. He has proven that he is one of the best Welterweights of all time. Usman does well in not saying he’s better than GSP or he’s the GOAT. He says he’s stringer mentally, sometimes too much, then everyone else. He gives his respect to GSP for the legacy he left behind. Will we ever see that fight? I doubt it.

GSP is the KING at Welterweight, you won’t change my mind ever. I’ll never forget the beating he put on People who argue that Usman somehow “surpassed” GSP are nuts and didn’t realize the dominance that it took to win 11 straight fights vs wrestlers, BJJ black belts and Kickboxers. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think Usman can get there but let’s wait to see if he can get a few more wins. If he can make a nice run vs Masvidal, Leon, Colby or Khamzat then we can turn and have a discussion. `

MMA fans have recency bias and in a very bad way. Usman looked great vs Burns, he looked better than great. Usman got cracked early and almost didn’t survive the first round, but he came out and used that jab. That jab was so killer, I’ve never seen anything like it. GSP was precise with his jab and would use it to set up his takedowns. Usman puts that jab through the back of your skull.

I would love to see Usman fight Colby instead. The first fight was nuts. Colby is still a bit delusional on how that went down, but reality is that Usman won the fight. If it didn’t end there, it would’ve ended in the 5th round. If you don’t remember, here it is.

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