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We should never forget this Super Bowl. Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T bla bla bla

I can’t be the only one that forgot the Super Bowl happened. How 2020 is that? The year flew by because of the pandemic and I’ve become accustomed to :moving on to the next so fast I’ve embodied the cheesiest Football clichés of all time, “forget the last play” “it’s 0-0”; both are dumb quotes but the latter is even dumber. How can you just change the score of the game you’re playing on? DUMB! My point is that we shouldn’t forget this Super Bowl and season. This Super Bowl in particular should be frozen in time. Here are the reasons why:

The 2020 Season – 2020 messed with us all but the NFL made a point to stick to their schedule and provide entertainment for their loyal fans. As a degenerate small time gambler, I was very happy. We had a handful of games postponed and players being put on the COVID watch list, but for the most part the season went off without any major circumstances. Fantasy owners might’ve suffered, I know I did. That’s on me for drafting James Conner in all five of my leagues. Most stadiums didn’t allow fans but it didn’t change the on field dynamic. We still saw the best of Mahomes, Lamar, Thielen and all the other stars worth watching.

The Playoffs – The NFL added one team to the playoff structure because of the pandemic. Not that it changed much, the 1st seed in the AFC and the 5th seed from the NFC faced off in the Super Bowl. We didn’t see any major upsets in the playoffs. WE saw the emergence of the Buffalo Bills, I think I speak for most when I say that I secretly wanted them to win the hole thing. The Bills Mafia has made the Bills America’s team. We finally saw the Browns ion the playoffs and actually getting a WIN! The season was great and culminated with the best player in the history of the game surpassing everyone.

THE SUPER BOWL – Chiefs going into the game as 3.5 point favourite. Not surprised but I felt like it would’ve been a tighter game. Unfortunately Pat Mahomes didn’t have any protection. Next Gen Stats recorded that he ran for 497 yards total. Unfortunately, most of those yards were in the backfield, running away from the Bucs D-line. Tom Brady was poised and we saw him really take over the game. Feeding his long time teammate Rob Gronkowski on two TDs really opened up the rest of offense. I felt that this game was bigger for Brady then any of his nine previous Super Bowl appearances.

THE GOAT – I hate saying it but I’m lazy so I have to say it. It’s too long to say Greatest of all Time…Tom Brady is the GOAT. We can’t deny that winning seven Super Bowls (more than any franchise) at the QB position mkes you the best. I’ve always defended Lebron by saying he is the best NBA player ever because his individual achievements outweigh those of Michael Jordan’s, even though MJ has 2 more rings than Lebron. But seeing Brady leave the team he had so much success with to join another team and still have the same result, is crazy to me. How can one man have that much of an impact? He has taken part in 18% of all Super Bowls and has won 12% of them.

At the end of the day, we saw greatness achieved this year. Tom Brady’s achievements should NEVER be overlooked. If you see anyone on twitter or online saying that he isn’t the best player of all time, block them. It’s ridiculous to think that way and say you have a brain.

We had the pleasure of interviewing John Bowman, future CFL HOFer and Tommy Roadley-Trohatos, future football star.

Tommy has a GO Fund me

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