E.L.M.M.: Au revoir Montréal

I am back from hiatus! A day late but I am back. Much to the delight of my recurring fan (Peeze!) your Tuesday potty reading is back. However today I must bring some bitter sweet news. While I’m back in the lab, the content I will be providing will be a bit different from here on out.

For those of you wondering where your weekly dose of Eamon went, I recently move across Canada with my girlfriend. It took us 6 days and 7 tires to get here, but we finally made it to Calgary! Early impressions, this place is beautiful. Living downtown and still being able to see the mountains is a combination that cannot be put into words.

With the change or scenery also comes a change of content for me with Hot Sauce Sports! With the recent addition of the Healthy Skratch gentleman, (whose Podcasts and Articles are fire) it was decided that I will be taking my talents to the West Coast. Starting this week I will be the Official, Unofficial West Coast Beat Writer for HSS!

I will continue to touch on a few Habs topics here and there while providing research assistance to Spencer, Tyler and Kris when need be. But fear not Hot Sauce fam, the East coast coverage is in great hands. With that being said, I will miss writing about Les Canadiens; it truly was an honour. However, I am genuinely excited to begin writing about teams that I have not yet developed an emotional connection to!

Before I move forward, I want to first look back and say a few thank you’s and goodbyes. First and foremost a giant thank you to Terry, Peeze, Eagle and Duke. They gave me as much time and space as I needed for the move which was crucial with the amount of things that went wrong. More importantly I am forever grateful to them for allowing me to pursue my passion. I moved to Sudbury (ON) when I was 20 to attend a Sports Admin program with the goal of working in hockey. At a point in time when the future seemed bleak, they took a chance on me. You can argue the merits or success of my writing with your reflection but I will never have to ask mine what if? I am forever in their debt.

I would also like to thank you the reader. Writing about the Habs has always been a dream, and your continued support gave me that opportunity. Thank you for reading and commenting (both the good and the bad) as I thoroughly enjoyed the back and fourth with the greatest fan base in hockey! I hope to bring this same success, enthusiasm and joy to the West Coast.

Before I sign off and go buy myself a Cowboy hat to pretend to fit in, I must say goodbye. Goodbye to my city, my home and probably the largest part of who I am. Growing up an anglophone Quebecer had it’s challenges, but it’s made my a better, more developed person. I consider myself lucky and forever grateful to be able to call myself a Québecois. I will miss my family, friends, the Habs but most of all, poutines!

I will forever bleed Blue, Blanc, et Rouge; Tricolour jusqu’au bout! Au revoir Montréal, je me souviens de vous, pour toujours.

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