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Terry Tam Bad Beats: Super Bowl LV Prop Bets

This year can possibly hold one of the most important Super Bowls of our generation. 2020 was rough because COVID, The US Presidential election, people discovering and new dimension to the virtual world and TikTok. The one good thing that 2020 brought us was some good ol’ fashion football. I don’t know about you but I was entertained, I made some decent money and lost all my Fantasy Leagues. This year’s Super Bowl will be extremely fun to watch and fun to gamble on. SO here are a few prop bets you can get on your sportsbook. These won’t be your standard bets.

Duration of National Anthem – Over Under 120.5 – Odds: 1.91

I’m Taking the OVER on this for one reason. ‘Murica has never been in such a mess. I think Grammy winner Jazmine Sullivan accompanied by Eric Church will be inspired by the “unification” of the country with the most televised event of the year. There is no way that Sullivan doesn’t take the opportunity to show off her chops.

Daniel Sorensen Tackles – Over Under 5.5 – Odds: 1.56

I will definitely take the OVER on this one. I think Tom Brady will avoid the rest of the Chiefs D as much as he can and that will mean that Sorensen will be exposed in coverage having to make late tackles. Also, to his credit, Sorensen is excellent in the box. He forces a lot of 3rd and short in the run game and is a very good tackler.

Who will the MVP mention first?

These are the options that I’m looking at: God/Religion – 3.10, Teammates – 2.05, Family – 5.70, USA – 12.00, Coaches – 7.95. I love the USA bet because, as I mentioned before, this game is to unify the country. Also it all depends on who wins the MVP. If Brady or Mahomes win, I can see them going teammates first. Now if Kelce, Hill or even AB win that changes it. AB would most likely thank himself, Hill is definitely going GOD but there’s a family aspect there. Travis Kelce will definitely try to get some IG followers and scream for USA. So its all depends on whoo you think will win the MVP. I’m going Hill + God

First Half Total Touchdowns

The Chiefs are known to start their games a little slow so I can see a 6-3 score at the end of the 1st quarter and maybe 13-10 after the half. The Bucs Offense will have the pressure of the worId on them. I like the odds on 2 Touchdowns in the first half Pays 4.25. Take that to the bank.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! Stay Safe, make some bets, eat way too much food and enjoy the festivities. While you’re prepping, take a look at our interview with Davis Sanchez. What a guy!!

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