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Bare Knuckle Fighting is a thing and I’m sold. Paige Van Zant makes her debut

10 years removed from when UFC President Dana White said we would never see Women fight in the UFC. A year later we see Ronda Rousey showcased as the first ever Woman UFC Champion. Her reign for the next 5 years stamped the emergence of what we’re seeing today. Amanda Nunes can beat most men her weight, Valentina Shevchenkos is an assassin and the legend Cris Cyborg has only lost to Amanda Nunes and is porbably the one of the most intimidating woman I have ever seen. These are tough women that I will never ever want to spar or tangle with. I would get humbled very quickly.

Rousey is beautiful and gave hope to the women that had the looks and the toughness to be superstars in a world dominated by ugly men. Rousey made it ok for beautiful women to showcase their toughness and not lose their elegance. Introduce Paige Van Zant: a petite woman that loves a good brawl and also some ballroom dancing skill. 12 Gauge Paige (sick nickname) has been in some crazy brawls in her MMA career, mostly with the UFC. I’ll never forget her fight against Rose Namajunas, she got tapped in the third round but in a bloody mess Paige proved how tough she is.

Van Zant’s UFC career is over after losing four of her last six fights. Paige decided to use her fame and joined Dancing with the Stars. Everyone thought her career was over and she gave up on fighting. They encouraged it “she shouldn’t fight” “good for her, her career is just starting as a public”. All these people don’t know what it’s like to be a fighter, you can’t just turn it off. Paige couldn’t and now she’s about to get her face cut bruised and battered in a BARE KNUCKLE fight. WHY? Because she knows that she can make a quick buck and not have to work the rest of her life.

My money isn’t on Paige in this fight. The reason is that she doesn’t need the fight and has been known to take way too much damage while wearing gloves, I can only imagine her getting touched without gloves. If she wins, it will be by decision but her opponent is a tough girl that has won in BKFC before and is accustomed to bare knuckle style.

I’m pumped, I’ll buy this card. Chris Leben is on this card too! I can’t wait. I was a hater before but now I’m sold. I never thought BKFC would last but here we are.

Here is the link if you’re iterested. I truly believe this is the biggest fight in their organization’s history. https://www.bareknuckle.tv/event. More people are talking about this event then when Paulie Malignaggi and Artem Lobov fought a couple years ago.

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