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Foot Clan, ASSEMBLE!

Soccer fans in Montreal have been conflicted over the last week, trying to decide how they feel about their clubs latest rebrand. Dropping the name Impact, the club took inspiration from the weather and created a new Snowflake logo to go along with the name Club de Foot Montréal. Friend of the show Moe Khan hit the nail on the head with his analysis.

However it takes a true leader, dare I say a real hero to find light in the darkness. A man or better yet a pair of men to stand up for their city and turn the club’s biggest liability, into an asset. With a history of creating cult followings, as proof with the Night of the Wandering Caribou (more on this later), the Hot Sauce Sport network fully throw their support behind Sean Campbell and Mitch Gallo as leaders of The Foot Clan!

Set to become a force in 2021, the Foot Clan is an ancient hop indulging cult that comes from all corners of the Island of Montreal. Much like the original Foot Clan, the Montreal version will be a community that will rise from the sewers to support their club to victory. We mean this quite literally when you consider that most fans use the Metro to get to their game. Not only does this make sense for the Foot Clan narrative, but it was astutely pointed out by Alex the Intern, the arrows on top of the M’s look like the Metro logo, making this come full circle. Alex seriously earned his pay check on that one!

Since the Club de Foot Montréal already has a couple of Ultras/Supporter groups, the Foot Clan needs a way to differentiate themselves. Again, look no further than our fearless leaders, Campbell and Gallo! The two have created their own beers with the help of their friends at Labrosse! This gem of a brewery can be found in the humble suburb of Pointe Claire in the West Island. They have partnered with Campbell and Gallo to create two incredible beers that are now in a head to head competition to see which beer can sell out first!

Continuing with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles narrative, I would suggest four Labrosse beers to represent each of the Ninja Turles!

Purple (Donnatello) – Campbell Play x Play IPA
New England Indian Pale Ale (NEIPA) 6.0% Alcohol/Volume (AL/V) 50 International Bitterness Unit (IBU)
Hoppy + Fruity

Starting at the top, this is a beautiful easy drinking IPA. The bitterness is not overwhelming, making this a perfect introductory IPA for anyone!

Red (Raphael) – Angry Gallo Ale
Brown Ale 5.0% AL/V 20 IBU
Coffee + Sweet

This Coffee Ale is perfect for all those looking for an early morning pick me up! I’m only half kidding considering I may or may not currently have one open as I write this in the AM.

Orange (Michael Angelo) – Mango Creamsicle IPA
Milkshake IPA 7.4% AL/V 58 IBU
Hazy + Mango + Creamy

Peeze may be heavily conflicted with this beer being included, or he may camp out next to a Port-o-potty, but either way this creamy and fuity Milkshake IPA is a crowd favourite.

Blue (Leonardo) – WinterWeizen
Weizenbock 8.0% AL/V 20 IBU
Dark + Fruit + Spice

I was tempted to go Wicked Nor’Eastern, however we already have a NEIPA, so let’s make the blue beer the WinterWeizen! This is a hard hitting beer that will grow on you and will have you wanting another one, the closer you get to the final sip.

All discriptions for these beers can be found on Labrosse’s Website!

No Supporters Group would be complete without an official Day of Celebration, and while we would never want to steal the light from another event, we would suggest March 23rd! Bring back the Day of the Wandering Caribou, have the Foot Clan all meet together and march as one in an attempt to storm (pun intended) the sewers to find our beloved, wondering soul!

So, Sean and Mitch, your Foot Clan now has a dozen new members! On y va!


Hey folks, it’s Peeze. I know it’s rude of me to interrupt Jon’s blog, and in the immortal words of Kanye West, don’t worry “I’m a let you finish.” However, it seemed appropriate for me to take the is moment to speak directly to our community. In our most recent interview on Not Sauce for Work, Terry and I spoke to TSN 690’s Sean Campbell (you can see the episode in it’s entirety below). He informed us of a day that we will henceforth co-opt and celebrate for years to come.

As a young gentleman, Campbell and his chooms would celebrate March 23rd by engaging in the mast sacrosanct of all activities: drinking beer with friends. This day would come be known as the Day of the Wandering Caribou. It makes perfect sense because of all mammals, very few give of the distinct impression of wanderlust and thirst for a cold one. Throughout history, friends used code in order to establish hangouts. “420” as a secret message to meet after school to smoke pot. 80’s musical legends Cameo informed us that the code word was “Word Up”. The Day of The Wandering Caribou was surely a day that has lived in relative anonymity for too long!

This is a rallying cry to all Saucers. Given that for some reason this week seems important for the act of inauguration (for some reason) Today will be the day we inaugurate March 23rd as an official Hot Sauce Sports Event day. This year, we likely will not be able to gather. Still we call upon our community to gather online and in spirit. Tag us and send us stories to show that you’re drinking in order to honor the event. Let’s face it you were going to drink anyway, why not put it to use in service of community building. Stay tuned for more information on the online event. We look forward to organizing a local event in future years!



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With the Habs and the NHL back in action, those looking to fill their hockey fix, I am proud to introduce for the first the time, The Healthy Skratch Podcast. Spencer, Tyler and Kristian attempt to bring civility to the Habs/Leafs rivalry while providing in-depth hockey analysis! The Boys dropped their inaugural Podcast this weekend, and stay tuned for their articles as well!

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