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Justin Thomas shocks the world In a very bad way. Ralph Lauren sacks his sponsorship “I screwed up”

One of the only three good golfers in the world is on the hot seat. Justin Thomas dropped the F Bomb and not the one that is tolerabe. There are very few words in the English Language that are prohibited and using a derogatory term towards homosexuals is one of them. The PGA has micropphones all over the place. They pick up every reaction and for the most part, they’ve done a good job at muting or not airing the bad words said.

Unfortunately Justin Thomas messed up after a failed 4 foot putt and reacted horribly. We’ve all said some things we regret in the moment and we hold athletes and public figures to a higher standard, as they should be. This is unfortunate for Thomas because now his main sponsor Ralph Lauren ended their sponsorship agreement with the Golfer. Thomas was very apologetic immediately after the incident at the Sentry Tournament of Champions taking place this weekend.

Who know what will happen now? Will the Masters ever invite him again? Will he be suspended from PGA events? I hope not. I Hope he bounces back and doe whatever he can to get in the good graces of the public.

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