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James Harden’s FOMO saga finally over.

Yes James Harden has FOMO, for those who dont know what that means, it translates to Fear Of Missing Out. James Harden has been a bridesmaid for too long. For a guy that has been in the MVP race every year for the past five years, he’s constantly been in the shadows of the best player of all time, Giannis and KD. Harden being bounced last year by the eventual champion LA Lakers didn’t sit well. Harden has asked for a trade out of Houston and specifically asked to join the Nets. After months of negotiations, it took four teams to make it happen. My Pacers loset Oladipo and get Caris Levert in exchange, I Like it.

Image courtesy of Sports Illustrated/ https://www.si.com/nba/video/2021/01/14/crossover-winners-losers-james-harden-trade

Maybe I’m more of a purist but I like it when guys stay to one team, MJ, Reggie Miller, Kobe etc… But Harden wants to win and after years of being in Houston coming up short, he wanted more weapons. The Rockets went out and got Russell Westbrook last year then traded him for John Wall to support Harden, but that wasn’t enough I guess. Harden knows deep down that the only way to the finals is in the East. The Raptors are a shade of the team that won two years ago, the Heat Cinderella story seems to be over and who knows what the Greek Freak will be able to do in Milwaukee. The East is open for the Nets to takeover.

Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and Spencer Dinwiddie is a fantastic lineup, add James Harden there and you have a legit wagon. Harden has been the most prolific scorer in the NBA in the last five years. So there’s no way the can mess this up, even if they tried. But I do think it will end up being an absolute shit show. Kevin Durant is too sensitive, Kyrie has missed games already because he doesn’t “feel” like playing and Harden will need to have success at all times or he won’t like the idea of being the second shooter to KD.

The reaction around the league was nuts but none other than YouTube star Supreme made the most noise. To the point where even Lebron James couldn’t ignore the skit. Check it out.

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