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The Buffalo Bills won a playoff game and All-Pro WR Cole Beasley is in his feelings.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty that Cole Beasley is. He’s a small white Wide Receiver that just made 2nd team All-Pro. The former Dallas Cowboy current Buffalo Bill is on fire this season and his new track is even more fire.

Beasley is the ultimate football guy, he lives and breathes football. As a Cowboys fan, I hated that the team didn’t re-sign him. He was very reliable for Dak and Romo and I’m sure Dalton could’ve used him. Beasley was a very underappreciated player, he’s your prototypical small white receiver, following the likes of Edelman, Amendola and Welker.

He’s made some great plays for America’s Team! I will miss him but I also love to see him ball out for Bills Mafia. With career high 82 catches, 967 yards and 4 TDs he made his first every All-Pro team.

Not only is a sick receiver that is finally getting the respect he deserves, take a listen to his new song. The kid has some sick chops. Not as good me but still.

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