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Pop’s Picks Week 18: Wild Card Round

Gettleman is Staying. 
While I understand the reasoning for keeping Gettleman is that the Judge is doing an excellent job, bringing a new General Manager may hinder the team’s progress. I think that Gettleman has done a poor job. Just examine his track record previous to this year. I believe that both in the draft and free agency, Joe Judge has had substantial influence, and given last year’s results, Judge’s power within the organization will only grow. That gives me some comfort and confidence for next season despite Gettleman’s presence in the organization. 

A Victory Against Cowboys.
I was encouraged by what I saw against the Cowboys on Sunday. I have always thought that Sterling Shepard is a much better player at the slot than a wideout, and his performance against the Cowboys confirms it. I hope that they keep him as a slot receiver in the future. The simple change improves the offence tremendously. The Giants finish with a 4-2 record in the NFC is east. I can’t wait for next year.

Eagles Cursed.
I was delighted to see the Giants play an excellent game finally defeat the Cowboys. At 6-10, I wasn’t expecting the team to get a playoff spot. The Giants blew some early games and couldn’t win the tougher ones later on the season and lost control of their destiny. A good team should never have to rely on another to win a game to make the playoffs. Later in the evening, the Eagles took a dive, I didn’t expect the Eagles to win, but I didn’t expect them to throw the game. I think that that they just messed with the Sports Karma Gods at the same magnitude as the infamous 1919 Black Sox scandal and for this have been thrust a Bambino type curse for the next 100 years. Think of all those lucky breaks bestowed upon the Eagles by the Football Gods; Like Miracle in the Meadowlands I and II. These strange football occurrences will now be a thing of the past. Maybe the NFL should investigate and dole out the appropriate sanctions on the Eagles, who embarrassed the league and the integrity of the game. If the league doesn’t, the curse will.

Have a great super wild card weekend of football starting on Saturday!

Colts at Bills (-6.5 )
Saturday at 1:00 PM
The Bills finished the season red-hot by pounding; the Broncos, the Patriots and the Dolphins. The Colts are also playing well and have enjoyed a successful season. It would be nice to see Philip Rivers win and move towards a Super Bowl. It won’t happen. Bills will win.

Pick: Bills win but don’t cover.
Bills lead series 61-51-1.
Rams at Seahawks (-4.5) 
Saturday at 4:40 PM
Rams have had their ups and downs this year, and so have the Seahawks, both losing to New York teams. Rams have the talent to win this game. I see Aaron Donald messing up the Seahawk offence.

Pick: Rams  win and cover.
Seahawks lead series 25-21
Buccaneers (-8) at WFT 
Saturday at 8:15 PM
The WFT Quarterback situation isn’t good, Smith lacks pocket mobility, and Taylor Heinicke lacks experience. Bucs’ strong front seven are going to be too much for the WFT to handle. The WFT defense won’t stop Bucs. This game won’t be close.

Pick: Buccaneers win and cover.
WFT leads series 12-11.
Ravens(-3.5) at Titans
Sunday at 1:00 PM
Last year the Titans kicked the Ravens out of the playoffs. During this year’s regular-season match, the Titans beat the Ravens in overtime. The Titans’ winning streak will officially be over by Sunday evening.

Pick: Ravens win and but don’t cover.
Titans lead series 13-12.
Browns at Steelers(-3.5)
 Sunday at 8:15 PM
Browns head coach Stefanski and several players have COVID issues and the Steelers don’t.  The Steelers will come out in full-force and ready to compete and will win.

Pick: Steelers win and cover.
Steelers lead series 77-60-1.
Bears at Saints(-10) 
at Sunday at4:40 PM

Bears and Trubisky have looked pretty solid lately, but  last week they got beat up by the Packers. That’s the way this game is going to go. The Bears are going to be beaten by the Saints pretty soundly.

Saints win and cover.
Saints lead series 17-15.

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