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NFC East Battle: Head Coach Edition. Who Wins? Joe Judge or Doug Pederson

New York Giants Head Coach Joe Judge has made his name famous by calling out the Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles Doug Pederson for allegedly tanking their last game of the season vs the Washington Football Team. The New York Giants played a good game vs the Dallas Cowboys and won the game that eliminated the Cowboys from playoff contention. All that needed to happen for the Giants to make their first playoff appearance since 2016 was for the then 6-9 Washington Football Team to lose to the 4-10-1 Philadelphia Eagles. Crazy right? The fact that the NFC East, formerly the hardest division to play in came down to a team finishing 6-10 potentially making the playoffs is nuts!

The controversy was sparked when the Eagles were down by 6 in the 4th quarter and decided to bench Jalen Hurts for Nate Sudfeld. Nate Sudfeld went 5/12 or 3 yards and one INT. Jalen Hurts didn’t fair any better going 7/20 for 72 yards and one interception. It’s shocking to everyone that Doug Pederson, took out what looks like the future of the team (drafted in the 2nd round a year after signing Carson Wentz for $128M over the next 4 years) for a guy who hasn’t started a game in three seasons and has only thrown one TD in that span. Jalen Hurts, who took the starting job from Wentz has shown flashes of greatness in his two starts which caused Wentz to ask for a trade. It’s clear that Pederson has no control over his Quarterbacks.

Eagles down 20-14 going into the 4th put Sudfeld in and set the internet on fire. The Eagles looked to be tanking the season for a better draft pick but we’ll never know the truth. It’s not like Pederson hasn’t had success with his backups, he coached the Eagles to a Super Bowl win in 2018. The Giants were pissed and I can understand that if they were 10-6 or even 9-7 but the Giants finished 6-10 and were crying about not making the playoffs. I respect Joe Judge for calling out the obvious tank job by the Eagles but the Giants fans need to calm down. What the hell were they going to do vs the Bucs? It’s a waste. They’ll just travel lose and come back home. Let Daniel Jones work on his golf game.

Joe Judge is a Philly native, just look at his hair, and makes a good point about professionalism and what the players have given up to be here. Regardless of the result, they deserved a fair shake and the Eagles took that away from them.

Go Cowboys!!

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