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Pop’s Picks Week 17: Win and you’re in!

Will a team finishing 6-10 or 7-9 win the NFC East? The WFT will be trying to beat the Eagles, most probably with a third or fourth string Quarterback from Old Dominion, Taylor Heinicke.  Are we going to see the Giants that won four straight games, including a win over the Seahawks, or will we see the Giants that lost their last three? The Cowboys are rebounding from a bad season and are looking strong. They have a lot of firepower on offence, and if Dalton isn’t under constant and effective pressure, he will light up the Giant’s defence. Have a great weekend of football starting on Sunday!

Pop’s record up to Week 16

Week 16Total
Straight up10-6155-89
Dolphins at Bills(-7) at 1:00 PM
Face-Masked Fitzpatrick will not be available to rescue the Dolphins. Tua will have to do the job himself. It won’t matter; the Dolphins need this game more, and I suspect the Bills starters will be sitting down early.

Pick: Dolphins win but don’t cover.
Dolphins lead series 61-51-1.
Jets at Patriots (-6.5) at 1:00 PM
The Jets will be positively featured in the New York Post’s back page, as they make it three wins in a row. It won’t be enough to save Adam Gase. The Jets players are hoping that the new coach takes notice of their efforts.

Pick: Jets win and cover.
Patriots lead series 68-54-1.
Falcons at Buccaneers (-3.5) at 1:00 PM
No doubt the Bucs will be resting some of their starters, but it isn’t a good idea to go into the playoffs with the horrible taste of a loss lingering in the back go your mind. 

Pick: Buccaneers win but don’t cover.
Falcons lead series 28-26.
Ravens(-11.5) at Bengals at 1:00 PM
I have called the Bengals to upset the Steelers and Texans, and they did. The Bengals winning streak over. The Ravens will continue to perform at a high level and stamp their ticket to the post-season tournament.

Pick: Ravens win and cover.
Ravens lead series 26-23.
Steelers at Browns (-7.5) at 1:00 PM
Steelers are resting some of their starters, and the Browns are getting back starters back. They suffered a COVID loss to the Jets last week. The Browns will rebound and beat a resting Steelers team.

Pick: Browns win but don’t cover.
Steelers lead series 77-59-1
Vikings(6.5) at Lions at 1:00 PM
This a game between two teams going nowhere. In this battle, I will pick Kirk Cousins to win another meaningless game and leave the Vikings brass to wonder if Kirk can lead the Vikings to anything but mediocrity.

Pick: Vikings win and cover.Vikings lead series 77-39-2.
Cowboys (-2.5) at Giants at 1:00 PM
Cowboys have the more talented team on offence and defence. The Giants have nothing to build on from the last three games that they lost. Cowboy- Giants games are usually hard-fought and close. I think the Giants are due to win. The Giants will win, shower, and rush off to watch the Eagles-WFT match as their fate is slowly revealed. 

Pick: Giants win and cover.
Cowboys lead series 69-46-2
Jaguars at Colts (14.5) at 4:25 PM
The Colts have to win this game to squeeze into the playoffs. But they will need help. I think the Colts will win this game but will not make the playoffs.

Pick: Colts win and cover. 
Colts lead series 24-15.
Packers(-5) at Bears at 4:25 PM
Are the Bears that good, or is it a case of beating weak opponents? Trubisky looks better than he has in a long time. Aaron Rogers will keep on rolling, and the Bears will not be able to stop him. 

Pick: Packers win and cover.  
Packers lead series 100-95-6.
Chiefs (-3.5) at Chargers 4:25
Chiefs will be resting some of the starters; Chargers will play the Chiefs very hard, as a talented Justin Hebert will lead the Chargers to a win over the Chiefs. 

Pick:Chargers win and cover.
Chiefs lead series 64-56-1.
Saints (-9.5) Panthers at 4:25 PM
Panthers have shown some life lately against their former coach and the WFT. The Saints are going to want to win this game and will.

Pick: Saints win but don’t cover.
Saints lead series 27-25.
Titans (-7.5) at Texans at 4:25
Texans have already packed it in for the season and will lose another game to a team that needs and wants to win. The Texans need some wholesale changes from top to bottom. Too much damage was done by not having a General Manager and allowing then Coach O’Brian to make moves that will take years to fix.

Pick: Titans win and cover.
Titans lead series 20-17.
Raiders(-3.5) at Broncos at 4:25
Raiders or Broncos, who will win this meaningless game? I know the answer to that question. It will be the hungrier team, not the team that was victimized by badly Face-Masked Quarterback called Fitzmagic.

Pick: Broncos win and cover.
Raiders lead series 66-54-2.
Cardinals (-4.5) at Rams at 4:25
The Cardinals had a disappointing loss against the Niners last week. The Rams have lost two in a row. A hobbling Murray will lead the Cardinals to a win.

Pick: Cardinals win and cover.
Rams Series lead 44-38-2.
Seahawks (-5.5) at Niners at 4:25
The Niners changed Quarterback and upset the Cardinals. The Seahawks are playing for a possible first-round bye. I can’t see the very injured Niners dish out another upset.

Pick: Seahawks win and cover.
Seahawks lead the series 27-17.
WFT (-1.5) at Eagles at 8:20
The Eagles lost the season opener to the WFT, and the loss served as a bad omen the rest of the season.  The Eagles can and will play the spoiler role, as while there is nothing at stake for this year, but plenty for the team’s immediate future. The X factor in the game will be Jalen Hurts. Maybe he doesn’t want doubts about who will be the number one Quarterback next year. A convincing win would go a long may secure the coaching staff for another year. Eagles win, cover and send the WFT out of the playoffs.

Pick: Eagles win and cover.
WFT leads series 87-79-5.

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