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Mayhem Heading Into Week 17 of The NFL

Believe it or not folks, there is only one week left of regular season football! It’s been a pretty exciting season to say the least. From crazy upsets, to tight finishes, to any DeAndre Hopkins highlight. With all that being said, there is still a lot left to be decided. With the loss to the New York Jets, the Browns now need to beat the Steelers this weekend to end there longest playoff drought in the history of the NFL. This is the tightest I’ve seen the AFC playoff picture in years. As is stands now, the Colts would be on the outside looking in, at 10-5. I love this time of year where there are an infinite amount of scenarios where different teams can make the postseason. For the Dolphins, Ravens, Browns, it’s simple-win and you’re in. The Dolphins play the Bills, the Ravens play the Bengals, and the Browns play the Steelers. The Steelers are resting Big Ben. So that’s a plus for the Browns. The Bills will only announce their roster come game day. That being said, gimme the Dolphins, Ravens and Browns to all win week 17. Remarkable to think that the Colts can miss the playoffs at 11-5… with the extra wild card this season too! 

Ravens90.4%+1200 (7.7%)7.05%
Titans88.5%+2500 (3.8%)2.50%
Colts76.2%+3000 (3.2%)2.39%
Browns73.4%+5000 (2%)1.03%
Dolphins71.5%+5000 (2%)0.88%

The Dolphins pulled off a mini Christmas miracle with the late game heroics against the Raiders. In one of the wildest games I’ve seen in a while, Miami won 26-25 on a last second field goal by Jason Sanders. Tua looked hesitant in this game and Flores decided to put in the veteran Fitzmagic. The way I described this game to friends, is that the fourth quarter was straight from a movie. Long story short, there were like 5 or 6 notable plays in the fourth quarter alone, with the biggest being the bomb from Fitzpatrick to Hollins. How did he complete that pass? I can only describe it as destiny. My boy was blindfolded with his helmet being yanked and threw a dime, and let everyone know about it. Unfortunately he now has COVID, so it’ll be up to the rookie to get the job done on Sunday for the Dolphins. The Miami Miracle against the Pats is still the greatest Dolphins play I’ve ever seen, but the pass against the Raiders is a close second. 

VIDEO: Ryan Fitzpatrick makes game-winning pass with hand in his face -  Insider

I really do hope the Browns win on Sunday. If they miss the playoffs it would be cruel, just cruel. They had a 94% chance of making the playoffs heading into week 16. Browns fans deserve a playoff game. It would be so Browns if they end up missing the playoffs because of a loss to the Jets. Of course, the Browns were short-handed that game, but you should be able to beat the Jets with your third string players. 

Don’t look know, but the Bears are currently holding the final playoff spot in the NFC. All they have to do is beat the Packers Sunday and they’ll be playoff bound. Unfortunately, I expect the Bears to lose that one. So then it comes down to what happens with the Cardinals. The Rams are playing the Cardinals Sunday without QB Jared Goff and WR Cooper Kupp. The Cardinals should win that one. The Rams are starting QB John Wolford who has never taken a snap in the NFL. It will be a cool story if the Bears made the playoffs, but I just don’t see it happening.

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Philly VS Washington has been flexed to SNF. If Washington loses, the winner of the Cowboys VS Giants game will win the NFC Least… I mean East. This makes for a very interesting last regular season game of the year. I’ll take the Cowboys to beat the Giants. However, I like Washington to beat the Eagles. So Gimme Washington to win the division. 

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this weekend. I’m praying my Dolphins win and make the playoffs against all preseason odds. Giants fans, if you’re reading this, know that I hope you guys win the NFC East. Cleveland…. please win, not for yourselves, but your fans. No matter who you are or who your teams is, if you like football, sit your butt on that couch and do not move a muscle on January 3rd. Merry Christmas and wishing everyone a blessed 2021!

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